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Buying Looking for a High Quality U.S. English Writer

Discussion in 'Content Creation' started by Veer9953, Feb 19, 2015.

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    I am still looking for a High Quality U.S. English writer to write articles for my clients.

    Rate: $1/100 words.
    Indian Writers - 60 INR per / 100 words.

    This is how it's gonna work and instructions:

    I am already working with 1 US, 1 UK writer and 1 Indian writers. And i need more regular writer coz, of work load. And this is not just one assignment or something, it's a like life time work opportunity.

    I need each article in US English in US Style with good amount of research, as per the client requirements.

    I wanna start with 1 article first, if your article approved by client you'll get paid for that and you'll get more work. And after that we can agree with weekly payment, or so. once you comfortable.

    Apply only if you able to deliver work in time, quick in response, handle regular work and able to understand the clients mails and requirements. So, you have to deliver the best quality work 100% CS passed and sensibly written US english article.

    If you understand everything and wanna start. PM me with your Mail ID.

    Veer9953, Feb 19, 2015 IP
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  2. Content Maestro

    Content Maestro Notable Member

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    I'm actually interested in working for this gig as the price you're offering is at least on a par with the minimum that writers generally quote here, i.e. $1 for 100 words.
    However, the following statements leave me wondering: o.o?
    Who are these “clients” you're talking about so much throughout your opening post?:confused: Are you just a middleman who's hiring writers at the said rate and then selling the content to some different buyers at a higher price? IF (- please CAREFULLY note the use of the word 'if') it is indeed so, why would any writer be interested in working for you? Aren't they (much?) better off working DIRECTLY for the “clients” who're paying you higher for the same '$1 per 100 words' content you'll get written?

    NO OFFENSE INTENDED. I'm just trying to find a valid reason as to why I should work for 'YOU' specifically when it APPEARS (- again please CAREFULLY note the use of the word 'appears') that you'll sell my content for a higher price to your “clients”?
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2015
    Content Maestro, Feb 20, 2015 IP
  3. coreygeer

    coreygeer Notable Member

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    Eh, these "client requirement" proposals usually come with a hefty laundry list of instructions to abide by.

    Just from my personal experience but I could be wrong.

    That's what it basically sounds like Content Maestro. Someone is either in business with another long term client or is picking up clients and outsourcing them to here. It's the Textbroker effect. Textbroker charges price A and pays writers price B. Textbroker in return expects writers to write at price A standards and docks them points for writing at price B standards.
    coreygeer, Feb 20, 2015 IP
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  4. pamon

    pamon Well-Known Member

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    yep. buy it for $.01/word, sell it for $0.05/word to the client
    pamon, Feb 22, 2015 IP