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Logo Design - Drinks & Snacks Supplier

Discussion in 'Design' started by Justin Dutton, Oct 24, 2018.


Which of the logos do you like best?

  1. Logo Two (JP01.jpg)

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  2. Logo One (JP02.jpg)

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  3. Logo Four (JP03.jpg)

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    Hey Everyone,

    Looking for some feedback on a new logo im working on. Have shortlisted a few of the favourites.

    Its a play on the letters of the company initials. J&P Services.
    Logo Two (JP01.jpg) - you get the J P Letters and the S is made from the negative space it makes a nice flowing, aroma style logo.

    Logo One (JP02.jpg) - The J P Letters are rotated making the S less obvious which is fine as the JP is the main element. More of a flowing design.

    Logo Four (JP03.jpg) - This one feels a lot more mechanical, like a vending machine style.

    What do you think, forgive my JPG numbering being different to the logo numbers not all of them are uploaded.

    My favourite is Logo One (JP02.jpg)


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    Justin Dutton, Oct 24, 2018 IP
  2. scurvy

    scurvy Well-Known Member

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    First one is the best.
    scurvy, Nov 6, 2018 IP