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Logo + design 4 page site $100

Discussion in 'Design Contests' started by amateur, Oct 10, 2010.

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    Hi looking for small site design and logo . I like simple but effective. There will only be about 5 products. Alert pay will be used for payments on the site . Dont need fancy programming just a few html pages.

    Home page
    All products page
    Terms conditions

    Who ever wins can have future updates to the site if they want

    The logo name is e++ur+o++hig+++hz dot c-om (without the + obviously ).

    Heres an example site to give u an idea http://w-ww--.of==fyour@@head}}shop.c=om/

    I will pay by alertpay or can paypal if you accept cc's i dont have account.

    Competition will finish sunday but please be aware i may not be around from thursday until sat so would be best to try and complete early in week if poss Good luck hope i have given enough info. Its been years since i had anything to do with web sites lol.
    amateur, Oct 10, 2010 IP
  2. cathyfleur

    cathyfleur Peon

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    I find many other sites providing logo designs for lesser price...
    cathyfleur, Mar 17, 2011 IP