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location problems

Discussion in 'Shopping' started by petetheteach, Jan 8, 2013.

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    Hi all
    I am a newbie to the forums and to seo. Up until now I have had a company doing all my seo for me but since the dreaded algorithm changes I have lost my organic page one placing and even though they have charged me plenty of money to get it back, they have failed miserably and I have run out of money.
    My big dilemma that I don't understand is Google knows the rough location of the whoever is searching and will bring up results for that area. However, my market covers the whole of the UK and no matter where the searcher is I want them to find my site.
    I have tried adwords in the past and had no discernible results so I have to go organic.
    Any ideas please.
    petetheteach, Jan 8, 2013 IP
  2. ppc_guys

    ppc_guys Peon

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    adwords is the best platform to have instant traffic and sales.
    if you are not experience in adwords, then please hand it to adwords professional as managing an adwords account is not so easy, if you want to have the Best ROI.
    ppc_guys, Jan 12, 2013 IP
  3. ryan_uk

    ryan_uk Illustrious Member

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    You would have gained more answers by posting in the SEO section, but you would have also got messages from the same kind of SEO snake oil salesmen that got you into this situation in the first place. It's something you really need to avoid.

    Sorry, but first some hard facts. Stop referring to your previous placement as "organic page one placing", as it very clearly wasn't (you wouldn't have fallen victim to an update or had people doing SEO for you if it was organic).

    Whatever company you hired was employing manipulative tactics. You need to try your best to clean up these issues (such as removal of spammy links, fixing thin content, etc) and then develop a strategy for moving forward. Forget everything you ever knew or thought was true about SEO and look forward (because most of it was BS, myths). Develop a long-term strategy, rather than employing tactics. Your strategy needs to be about marketing your content. Every business has a plan (or should) and usually covers something like three years, for example, and is regularly refreshed. The same attitude needs to be employed for an online business, too, not just an offline one. Most of these sites that got hit by Google updates were due to having a short-term plan, just using quick and easy link building tactics, rather than focusing on developing long-term trust with Google and visitors/audience alike.

    Rather than build links, focus on marketing your content instead. As a business owner, you need to understand about this and how it's done, even if you aren't going to do it all directly. However, you should definitely be keeping a tight hold on what's done by anyone to market your content.

    Where to start with understanding about how to market content? One place I find myself often recommending (and for a good reason) is seomoz.org/blog/ and seomoz.org/ugc/ - I'm not saying read every post, but ones relating to social media, content, etc. (There are categories and search. What is best for you depends upon your sector, site, products, etc.)

    You mention you've run out of money. No problem, as a lot of this you can do yourself, without money, just requires effort, time and a brain. Social media is a very important part of any long-term strategy for a business. Don't think about it in terms of links, but a way of spreading your content, building relationships with your followers and also others in your industry, especially those who will compliment rather than you compete with (if you make shoes for example then building up a relationship with a blogger who reviews shoes will be in your interests).

    As for ranking for UK results. Various things help - UK IP address, UK domain name, set the UK as your target audience in Google Webmaster Tools, links from other UK sites, listings in UK business directories, etc. You're not going to be found though until you've fixed the problems that caused your site to be hit by Google updates.

    Sorry, but no specific answers and only general ones as I don't know your site.

    Good luck, mate.
    ryan_uk, Jan 13, 2013 IP