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Little IT Security from me !

Discussion in 'Security' started by fixxi.net, Sep 8, 2013.

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    “US and UK intelligence have reportedly cracked the encryption codes protecting the emails, banking and medical records of hundreds of millions of people.” http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-23981291
    If proven true, the implications of this is that, there is no longer online or offline or corporate privacy in any of the files stored in computers on the Intrenet. ( i.e your computer )

    The NSA and Government related agencies have suppressed the number 1 security vector in any corporate network: “The Inside Person”.

    Say hello to the new insider in your corporation. Unknown external government agencies. Who is paying them, why they want your data, you may never know.

    This is an extra ordinary time for the information security field. What was true 5 -10 years ago is no longer true. The new hacker on the street is no longer “joe” the clever teenager in the small house down the road. It is now a world-wide, unlimitedly sponsored, organized network of hackers, engineers ans scientists, with the most sophisticated technology, possibly capable of decrypting or cracking SSL, TLS , MD5, SHA1 , HTTPS, Secure Mail, Firewalls including Corporate Firewalls, Network Devices, Industry devices connected to the Internet, such as ones operating rail and other transport networks, electrical networks, etc.

    Most Corporate organizations won’t be bothered by this. And why should they ? They aren’t doing anything illegal ? As long there are resources on this planet for the most vicious powerful people, organizations are ok. How long, 1 year ?, 5 years ?, 25 ? years ? Who knows. By in the end those resources would fry up and the result would be: corporate closures, lay-offs, pay-cuts, bankrupts.

    It is now up to everybody to act responsibly and get involved with issues spanning more than just every-day trivia.

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    fixxi.net, Sep 8, 2013 IP