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Little help with a SQL query CASE statement

Discussion in 'C#' started by Kyriakos, Sep 14, 2011.

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    I'm using a MS SQL Server and some ASP pages for my website. I have this sql query:
    select * from (select distinct extra.utbl01 category,man.name manuf,items.name,items.name1,items.code,
    items.ccctext08,items.code2,items.mtrmanfctr,items.mtrmodel,items.mtrl,items.pricer,items.remarks,extra.bool03,extra.bool04,extra.bool01,ext2.name grcat,ext2.cccname2 encat,isnull(xtrdoc.sofname ,'noImage') as sofname
    from mtrl as items left outer join mtrextra as extra on extra.mtrl=items.mtrl left outer join utbl01 as ext2 on ext2.utbl01=extra.utbl01 left outer join xtrdocdata as xtrdoc on items.mtrl=xtrdoc.refobjid AND XTRDOC.LNUM>0
    left outer join mtrmanfctr as man on items.mtrmanfctr=man.code left outer join dbo.web_limitmtrl as VMQTY on items.mtrl = VMQTY.mtrl left outer join mtrlines as mtln on items.mtrl=mtln.mtrl
    left outer join findoc as fndc on mtln.findoc=fndc.findoc where extra.utbl01='"&cat&"' and mtln.sodtype=51 and fndc.sosource=1351 and (fndc.trnDate>=getdate()-365 or VMQTY.mtrlqty>0 or items.ccctext08=1)
    and extra.bool01=1)t where t.sofname like 'Z:\%' or t.sofname like 'noImage' order by price"
    Code (markup):
    I want to use a CASE statement for this part of query
    if ccctext08=1 then i want to avoid the execution of the above part of SQL query.
    and fndc.sosource=1351
    Code (markup):
    Is this possible?
    Thanks in advance.
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2011
    Kyriakos, Sep 14, 2011 IP