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List of social bookmarking services

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by cooolapts, Nov 29, 2006.

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    Social bookmarking has become very popular. It allows you to keep your bookmarks of your favorite sites on the internet for easy access. The advantage of this is you can tag your bookmarks and make them available for others to see.
    One of the big advantages of social bookmarking is how it helps your search engine rank. A paged booked marked could show up in the search engines the next day even if your site is not yet indexed. Most bookmark sites are already high paged ranked and are an authority site which will help your rank.

    So here is the list of sites which gives social bookmarking service :

    6 Clicks http://6-clicks.com PR2
    A World of Help http://aworldofhelp.com/home/index2.htm PR4
    30 Day Tags http://www.30daytags.com/fresh PR5
    Adoppt http://adoppt.com/ PR5
    Ambedo http://www.ambedo.com/ PR5
    All my Favorites http://www.allmyfavorites.net/ PR4
    Article Tag http://articletag.com/index.php PR4
    Backflip http://www.backflip.com/login.ihtml PR6
    Bean Rocket http://www.beanrocket.com/ PR6
    BibSonomy http://www.30daytags.com/fresh PR1
    Blabb http://www.blabb.com/user/blabb.php PR0
    Blauerbote http://bookmarks.blauerbote.com/ PR0
    BlinkBits http://www.blinkbits.com/ PR4
    BlinkList http://www.blinklist.com/ PR6
    BlogHop http://www.bloghop.com/ PR7
    BlogLot http://www.bloglot.com/ PR2
    Blogmarks http://www.blogmarks.net/ PR6
    BlogMemes http://www.blogmemes.net/ PR5
    BlogPulse http://www.blogpulse.com/ PR7
    Blue Dot http://bluedot.us/friends/dots PR0
    BmAccess http://www.bmaccess.net/ PR4
    Bookkit http://www.bookkit.com/ PR4
    Bookmark Manager http://www.bookmark-manager.com/ PR5
    BookmarkTracker http://www.bookmarktracker.com/ PR5
    Browsr http://www.browsr.com/ PR5
    BuddyMarks http://buddymarks.com/ PR6
    ButterFly http://www.butterflyproject.nl/ PR4
    Chipmark https://www.chipmark.com PR5
    CiteULike http://www.citeulike.org/ PR6
    ClipClip http://www.clipclip.org/ PR4
    Clipfire http://www.clipfire.com/PR6
    Clipmarks http://www.clipmarks.com/ PR4
    Cluebacca http://www.cluebacca.com/ PR6
    Collect Favorites http://www.collectfavorites.com/ PR0
    Complore http://www.complore.com/ PR0
    Connectedy http://www.connectedy.com/ PR5
    Connotea http://www.connectedy.com/ PR7
    CrispyNews http://www.crispynews.com/global PR2
    De.lirio.us http://www.de.lirio.us/ PR3
    Del.icio.us http://del.icio.us/ PR8
    Digg http://www.digg.com/ PR7
    Diigo http://www.diigo.com/ PR6
    DinnerBuzz http://www.dinnerbuzz.com/ PR5
    Dog Ear http://www.eigology.com/dogear/ PR3
    DoHat http://dohat.com/dohathome3.html PR3
    Eggkeg http://www.eggkeg.com/ PR0
    Esnips http://www.esnips.com/signin/index.jsp PR4
    Fantacular http://www.fantacular.com/ PR5
    Fark http://www.fark.com/ PR8
    Fat Red Fish http://www.fatredfish.com/ PR0
    Favmark http://www.favmark.com/ PR4
    Favoor http://www.favoor.com/ PR3
    Feed Me Links http://feedmelinks.com/portalc PR3
    FeedAlley http://www.feedalley.com/ PR5
    Feedmarker http://www.feedmarker.com/ PR6
    Filangy http://www.filangy.com/index.jsp PR5
    Flip Skipper http://www.flipskipper.com/ PR3
    Forums of India http://www.forumsofindia.com/ PR0
    Frassle http://frassle.net/ PR6
    Free Knowledge Forum http://3form.com/ PR4
    Fungow http://www.fungow.com/ PR0
    Furl http://www.furl.net/ PR8
    Gather http://www.gather.com/ PR5
    GetBoo http://www.getboo.com/ PR1
    Gibeo http://www.gibeo.net/ PR6
    Give a Link http://www.Givealink.org PR4
    Gnafi http://gnafi.com/ PR5
    GoKoDo http://mybookmark.gokodo.com/ PR0
    Google Notebook http://www.google.com/notebook PR7
    Gravee http://www.gravee.com/ PR5
    GUIcookies http://www.guicookies.com/ PR4
    Hanzo http://www.hanzoweb.com/ PR6
    Hot Links http://dev.upian.com/hotlinks/ PR6
    i89.us http://www.i89.us/ PR3
    IceRocket http://www.icerocket.com/ PR7
    IgoobToob http://www.goobtoob.com/ PR0
    igooi http://www.igooi.com/ PR5
    IKeepBookmarks http://ww2.ikeepbookmarks.com/ PR2
    Indiagram http://indiagram.com/index.php PR4
    Indiamarks http://www.indiamarks.com/ PR2
    Jet Eye http://www.jeteye.com/ PR5
    Jots http://www.jots.com/ PR6
    Kaboodle http://www.kaboodle.com/ PR6
    Kinja http://kinja.com/ PR7
    KMFavorites http://www.kmfavorites.com/ PR5
    Kuro5hin http://www.kuro5hin.org/ PR8
    Library Thing http://www.librarything.com/ PR7
    Lifelogger http://www.lifelogger.com/ PR5
    Lilisto http://www.lilisto.com/ PR3
    LinkaGoGo http://www.linkagogo.com/go/Home PR5
    Linkarena http://www.linkarena.com/ PR4
    Linkatopia http://linkatopia.com/ PR0
    Linkfilter http://linkfilter.net/ PR6
    Linklog http://www.linklog.nl/ (Dutch) PR0
    Linkologia http://www.linkologia.pl/ (Polish) PR4
    Linkroll http://www.linkroll.com/ PR6
    Listible http://www.listible.com/ PR2
    ListMixer http://listmixer.com/ PR6
    Look This Up http://www.lookupthis.com/online/signin.asp PR5
    Lookmarks http://www.lookmarks.com/ PR5
    Ma.gnolia https://ma.gnolia.com/ PR3
    Maple http://maple.nu/ PR6
    Markaboo http://www.markaboo.com PR0
    Mecanbe http://www.mecanbe.com/temp/default.aspx PR6
    Meme-stream http://www.meme-stream.com/ PR3
    Menéame http://meneame.net/ PR5
    Millions Of Games http://www.millionsofgames.com/ PR5
    Mind Deposit http://www.minddeposit.com/ PR0
    MotorKen http://motor.crispynews.com/ PR5
    My Bookmark Manager http://www.mybookmarkmanager.com/ PR5
    myHq http://www.myhq.com/ PR5
    MyLinkVault http://www.mylinkvault.com/ PR5
    MyPIP http://www.mypip.com/home/ PR5
    MyProgs http://myprogs.net/ PR6
    My Stickies http://www.mystickies.com/ PR6
    myVmarks http://www.myvmarks.com/ PR5
    Netvouz http://www.netvouz.com/ PR6
    Newsvine http://www.newsvine.com/ PR7
    Nextaris http://www.nextaris.com/ PR7
    NowPublic http://www.nowpublic.com/ PR6
    Only Wire http://www.onlywire.com/ PR3
    OpenBM http://www.openbm.de/ PR5
    Oyax http://www.oyax.com/ PR4
    PennTags http://tags.library.upenn.edu/ PR5
    People Feeds http://www.peoplefeeds.com/ PR5
    Phigita http://www.phigita.net/ PR5 (Greek)
    PixelMo http://www.pixelmo.com/ PR0 (Bookmarking video Game News)
    Pligg http://www.pligg.com/ PR5
    Plum http://www.peoplefeeds.com/ PR4
    popurls http://popurls.com/ PR0
    Portachi http://www.portachi.com/ PR5
    RawSugar http://www.rawsugar.com/index.faces PR4
    Recommend it http://recommendit.dehsoftware.com/ PR0
    Reddit http://www.reddit.com/ PR0
    Rojo http://www.rojo.com/ PR0
    Rollyo http://www.rollyo.com/ PR6
    Rrove.com http://www.rrove.com/home PR5
    Sa.bros.us http://www.stanmx.com/sabrosus/ PR4
    Say Something- Everything! http://say.something-everything.com/ PR0
    Scuttle http://scuttle.org/ PR6
    Searchles http://www.searchles.com/ PR0
    Segnalo http://segnalo.alice.it/ (Italian) PR5
    Shadows http://www.shadows.com/ PR7
    Shoppers Base http://www.shoppersbase.com/ PR0
    Shoutwire http://www.shoutwire.com PR5
    Simpy http://www.simpy.com/ PR6
    Sitejot http://www.sitejot.com/ PR5
    SiteTagger http://www.sitetagger.com/ PR2
    Smarking http://www.smarking.com/ PR2
    Social Bookmarking http://socialbookmarking.org/ PR0
    Spurl http://www.spurl.net/ PR6
    Squidoo http://www.squidoo.com/ PR5
    StumbleUpon http://www.stumbleupon.com/ PR7
    StyleFeeder http://www.stylefeeder.com/ PR4
    Stylehive http://www.stylehive.com/ PR5
    Suckingfish http://suckingfish.com/welcome.do PR6
    supr.c.ilio.us http://supr.c.ilio.us/ PR6
    Syncone http://www.syncone.net/ PR1
    Tag A Niche http://www.taganiche.com/ PR0
    Tab Marks http://www.tabmarks.com/ PR5
    TagHop http://www.taghop.com/ PR4
    Tagsy http://tagsy.com/ PR3
    TagTooga http://www.tagtooga.com/db.tag PR0
    TailRank http://www.tailrank.com/ PR6
    Technorati http://www.technorati.com/ PR8
    Thumblicio.us http://thumblicio.us/ PR0
    Ticklr http://www.ticklr.net/ PR4
    Tutorialism http://www.tutorialism.com/ PR0
    uLinkx http://www.ticklr.net/ PR0
    Unalog http://unalog.com/ PR5
    Urlex http://www.urlex.info/ PR4
    WireFan http://www.wirefan.com/ PR0
    Wists http://www.wists.com/ PR6
    WURLdBook http://www.wurldbook.com/info/ PR6
    Yahoo My Web 2.0 http://myweb2.search.yahoo.com/ PR7
    Yoonoo http://www.yoono.com/ PR6
    Xilinus http://my.xilinus.com/ PR4
    Yummy! Social PDF Library http://yummy.printfu.org/ PR5
    Youtube http://www.youtube.com PR5 (favourite video links)
    Zaadz http://www.zaadz.com/ PR6Zurpy http://www.zurpy.com/ PR5
    cooolapts, Nov 29, 2006 IP
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  2. etechsupport

    etechsupport Peon

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    Thanks for such great list.. I agree with titi, for example, http://www.plugim.com/ has PR 0, just started 2 months back, but upcoming very fast.( Seems most of the users are from digg )
    etechsupport, Nov 30, 2006 IP
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  3. titi

    titi Peon

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    I will certainly study this list in more detail over the weekend. I see really interesting places. For instance, I didn't know that Google has a social bookmarking site - Google Notebook. Also, i see that some of the places I considered nice in terms of backlink weight, as reddit, are actually not so nice (PR0).

    Thanks again for posting the list!
    titi, Nov 30, 2006 IP
  4. SLM-why

    SLM-why Well-Known Member

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    I think he missed out on this one. Google's social bookmarking service is www.google.com/bookmarks not the one mentioned in the post. Also, it does not give any seo benefit because one needs to login with his google account first.
    SLM-why, Nov 30, 2006 IP
  5. titi

    titi Peon

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    Right, Google Notebook must be something else. I saw the text:

    "Publish your notebook.
    You can share your Google Notebook with the world by making it public."

    and thought that this is it but it seems that it isn't. I didn't login into my account to see the Notebook from the inside, though.
    titi, Nov 30, 2006 IP
  6. Dravis

    Dravis Peon

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    Right so why isnt [url="http://www.plugim.com]PlugIM[/url] on the list? Afterall, PlugIM's owner is a Digital Point member... ;)
    Dravis, Nov 30, 2006 IP
  7. marciello

    marciello Peon

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    Good effort. I only knew 40 bookmarking sites. Just start collecting few thing to be in my database.
    marciello, Nov 30, 2006 IP
  8. cgfx

    cgfx Peon

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    Great list there, but my preference still Del icious, Digg & Stumbleupon
    cgfx, Nov 30, 2006 IP
  9. parusa619

    parusa619 Banned

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    del.icio.us and digg.com are one of the biggest bookmarking services I have used
    parusa619, Dec 1, 2006 IP
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  10. SixSigma

    SixSigma Peon

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    I'd remove bookit.com. It's a travel booking site.
    SixSigma, Dec 4, 2006 IP
  11. olgerdviz

    olgerdviz Peon

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    h__p://www.dzone.com/ - if you are targeting developers and other IT folks
    olgerdviz, Dec 4, 2006 IP
  12. SixSigma

    SixSigma Peon

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    That's inaccurate. Doubling checking the list, it looks like a bunch of the PR's are out of date. For example...

    YouTube should be PR8
    Reddit should be PR7
    Rojo should be PR7
    RawSugar should be PR6
    Listable should be PR6
    FeedMeLinks should be PR5

    This isn't a knock on the list. It's a great list. But maintaining the PR rankings would be a lot of work.

    Also, I would add Netscape (http://www.netscape.com - PR9) to the list. It has social bookmarking and has high traffic.
    SixSigma, Dec 4, 2006 IP
  13. bikerboy

    bikerboy Peon

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    I sorted the list by PageRank so you don't have to waste time on low PR sites:

    http://del.icio.us/ - PR8
    http://www.fark.com/ - PR8
    http://www.furl.net/ - PR8
    http://www.kuro5hin.org/ - PR8
    http://www.technorati.com/ - PR8
    http://www.bloghop.com/ - PR7
    http://www.blogpulse.com/ - PR7
    http://www.connectedy.com/ - PR7
    http://www.digg.com/ - PR7
    http://www.google.com/notebook - PR7
    http://www.icerocket.com/ - PR7
    http://kinja.com/ - PR7
    http://www.librarything.com/ - PR7
    http://www.newsvine.com/ - PR7
    http://www.nextaris.com/ - PR7
    http://www.shadows.com/ - PR7
    http://www.stumbleupon.com/ - PR7
    http://myweb2.search.yahoo.com/ - PR7
    http://www.backflip.com/login.ihtml - PR6
    http://www.beanrocket.com/ - PR6
    http://www.blinklist.com/ - PR6
    http://www.blogmarks.net/ - PR6
    http://buddymarks.com/ - PR6
    http://www.citeulike.org/ - PR6
    http://www.cluebacca.com/ - PR6
    http://www.diigo.com/ - PR6
    http://www.feedmarker.com/ - PR6
    http://frassle.net/ - PR6
    http://www.gibeo.net/ - PR6
    http://www.hanzoweb.com/ - PR6
    http://dev.upian.com/hotlinks/ - PR6
    http://www.jots.com/ - PR6
    http://www.kaboodle.com/ - PR6
    http://linkfilter.net/ - PR6
    http://www.linkroll.com/ - PR6
    http://listmixer.com/ - PR6
    http://maple.nu/ - PR6
    http://www.mecanbe.com/temp/default.aspx - PR6
    http://myprogs.net/ - PR6
    http://www.mystickies.com/ - PR6
    http://www.netvouz.com/ - PR6
    http://www.nowpublic.com/ - PR6
    http://www.rollyo.com/ - PR6
    http://scuttle.org/ - PR6
    http://www.simpy.com/ - PR6
    http://www.spurl.net/ - PR6
    http://suckingfish.com/welcome.do - PR6
    http://supr.c.ilio.us/ - PR6
    http://www.tailrank.com/ - PR6
    http://www.wists.com/ - PR6
    http://www.wurldbook.com/info/ - PR6
    http://www.yoono.com/ - PR6
    http://www.30daytags.com/fresh - PR5
    http://adoppt.com/ - PR5
    http://www.ambedo.com/ - PR5
    http://www.blogmemes.net/ - PR5
    http://www.bookmark-manager.com/ - PR5
    http://www.bookmarktracker.com/ - PR5
    http://www.browsr.com/ - PR5
    https://www.chipmark.com - PR5
    http://www.connectedy.com/ - PR5
    http://www.dinnerbuzz.com/ - PR5
    http://www.fantacular.com/ - PR5
    http://www.feedalley.com/ - PR5
    http://www.filangy.com/index.jsp - PR5
    http://www.gather.com/ - PR5
    http://gnafi.com/ - PR5
    http://www.gravee.com/ - PR5
    http://www.igooi.com/ - PR5
    http://www.jeteye.com/ - PR5
    http://www.kmfavorites.com/ - PR5
    http://www.lifelogger.com/ - PR5
    http://www.linkagogo.com/go/Home - PR5
    http://www.lookupthis.com/online/signin.asp - PR5
    http://www.lookmarks.com/ - PR5
    http://meneame.net/ - PR5
    http://www.millionsofgames.com/ - PR5
    http://motor.crispynews.com/ - PR5
    http://www.mybookmarkmanager.com/ - PR5
    http://www.myhq.com/ - PR5
    http://www.mylinkvault.com/ - PR5
    http://www.mypip.com/home/ - PR5
    http://www.myvmarks.com/ - PR5
    http://www.openbm.de/ - PR5
    http://tags.library.upenn.edu/ - PR5
    http://www.peoplefeeds.com/ - PR5
    http://www.phigita.net/ - PR5
    http://www.pligg.com/ - PR5
    http://www.portachi.com/ - PR5
    http://www.rrove.com/home - PR5
    http://segnalo.alice.it/ - PR5
    http://www.shoutwire.com - PR5
    http://www.sitejot.com/ - PR5
    http://www.squidoo.com/ - PR5
    http://www.stylehive.com/ - PR5
    http://www.tabmarks.com/ - PR5
    http://unalog.com/ - PR5
    http://yummy.printfu.org/ - PR5
    http://www.youtube.com - PR5
    http://www.zurpy.com/ - PR5
    http://aworldofhelp.com/home/index2.htm - PR4
    http://www.allmyfavorites.net/ - PR4
    http://articletag.com/index.php - PR4
    http://www.blinkbits.com/ - PR4
    http://www.bmaccess.net/ - PR4
    http://www.bookkit.com/ - PR4
    http://www.butterflyproject.nl/ - PR4
    http://www.clipclip.org/ - PR4
    http://www.clipmarks.com/ - PR4
    http://www.esnips.com/signin/index.jsp - PR4
    http://www.favmark.com/ - PR4
    http://3form.com/ - PR4
    http://www.Givealink.org - PR4
    http://www.guicookies.com/ - PR4
    http://indiagram.com/index.php - PR4
    http://www.linkarena.com/ - PR4
    http://www.linkologia.pl/ - PR4
    http://www.oyax.com/ - PR4
    http://www.peoplefeeds.com/ - PR4
    http://www.rawsugar.com/index.faces - PR4
    http://www.stanmx.com/sabrosus/ - PR4
    http://www.stylefeeder.com/ - PR4
    http://www.taghop.com/ - PR4
    http://www.ticklr.net/ - PR4
    http://www.urlex.info/ - PR4
    http://my.xilinus.com/ - PR4
    http://www.de.lirio.us/ - PR3
    http://www.eigology.com/dogear/ - PR3
    http://dohat.com/dohathome3.html - PR3
    http://www.favoor.com/ - PR3
    http://feedmelinks.com/portalc - PR3
    http://www.flipskipper.com/ - PR3
    http://www.i89.us/ - PR3
    http://www.lilisto.com/ - PR3
    https://ma.gnolia.com/ - PR3
    http://www.meme-stream.com/ - PR3
    http://www.onlywire.com/ - PR3
    http://tagsy.com/ - PR3
    http://6-clicks.com - PR2
    http://www.bloglot.com/ - PR2
    http://www.crispynews.com/global - PR2
    http://ww2.ikeepbookmarks.com/ - PR2
    http://www.indiamarks.com/ - PR2
    http://www.listible.com/ - PR2
    http://www.sitetagger.com/ - PR2
    http://www.smarking.com/ - PR2
    http://www.30daytags.com/fresh - PR1
    http://www.getboo.com/ - PR1
    http://www.syncone.net/ - PR1
    http://www.blabb.com/user/blabb.php - PR0
    http://bookmarks.blauerbote.com/ - PR0
    http://bluedot.us/friends/dots - PR0
    http://www.collectfavorites.com/ - PR0
    http://www.complore.com/ - PR0
    http://www.eggkeg.com/ - PR0
    http://www.fatredfish.com/ - PR0
    http://www.forumsofindia.com/ - PR0
    http://www.fungow.com/ - PR0
    http://mybookmark.gokodo.com/ - PR0
    http://www.goobtoob.com/ - PR0
    http://linkatopia.com/ - PR0
    http://www.linklog.nl/ - PR0
    http://www.markaboo.com - PR0
    http://www.minddeposit.com/ - PR0
    http://www.pixelmo.com/ - PR0
    http://popurls.com/ - PR0
    http://recommendit.dehsoftware.com/ - PR0
    http://www.reddit.com/ - PR0
    http://www.rojo.com/ - PR0
    http://say.something-everything.com/ - PR0
    http://www.searchles.com/ - PR0
    http://www.shoppersbase.com/ - PR0
    http://socialbookmarking.org/ - PR0
    http://www.taganiche.com/ - PR0
    http://www.tagtooga.com/db.tag - PR0
    http://thumblicio.us/ - PR0
    http://www.tutorialism.com/ - PR0
    http://www.ticklr.net/ - PR0
    http://www.wirefan.com/ - PR0
    http://www.clipfire.com/PR6 -
    bikerboy, Dec 4, 2006 IP
  14. dlcmh

    dlcmh Peon

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    Thanks very much, Coolapts - green rep for u.
    dlcmh, Dec 4, 2006 IP
  15. PinoyIto

    PinoyIto Notable Member

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    Wow cool list, I have never realized that there is a list here of free bookmarking sites. I only learn after posting it at my blog about using bookmarking sites for link building campaign and you have lot of list... will add this to my list :) thanks for the list
    PinoyIto, Dec 4, 2006 IP
  16. cskanna

    cskanna Banned

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    Thanks very much, Nice list. I never know many of these before
    cskanna, Dec 11, 2006 IP
  17. westhaven

    westhaven Well-Known Member

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    Good effort by you :)
    westhaven, Dec 22, 2006 IP
  18. ahkip

    ahkip Prominent Member

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    Many site in the list have little to no traffic. And you have miss a few huge site.

    also, many site have authority algorithm so a new account is next to useless.
    ahkip, Dec 22, 2006 IP
  19. kittyluver

    kittyluver Notable Member

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    A great boon for webmaster's. That is DP forum. Thanks for all!!!
    kittyluver, Dec 22, 2006 IP
  20. ehdmi

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    linkfilter is desent, shoutwire, only a few hits...DIGG, we got like 18k :) Netscape is decent also.
    ehdmi, Jan 1, 2007 IP