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Selling LinuxHostSupport.com - Server Management Services & Outsourced Web Hosting Support

Discussion in 'Services' started by RoseHosting, Mar 3, 2017.



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    LinuxHostSupport is a US-based server management company offering various Linux server management and support services for more than 15 years. We've helped thousands of customers around the world with their Linux server issues and our managed support is the backbone of many hosting companies.

    The 4 Main Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

    • LEGENDARY Support - Get the BEST Linux support ever. We are always available and ready to take on your and your customers' requests. There is no problem that our LEGENDARY support can't handle.
    • Less than 5 minutes average response time to tickets. We start working on your tickets as soon as they come in. Nobody likes waiting, especially when their server and business is one the line. We are always fast, and most importantly, efficient in the work we do.
    • Simple & easy - We take care of your server 24/7. Get our services and forget about your server, we'll do all the server work for you. Can't get any easier than that.
    • We are detailed perfectionists. We review and test everything we do. We leave no errors behind. We settle for nothing less than perfect.

    Services we offer:

    Monthly Server Management

    Focus on your business while we manage your servers and keep your websites online, in top shape and malware-free.

    Level 1
    Basic Support
    • Up to 3 tickets per month
    • 5 minutes response time
    • Initial server optimization
    • Initial server hardening
    • Daily server updates & patches
    • Control panel installation
    • Deactivation of unused services
    • Name server setup
    • Initial firewall setup
    $19.95 monthly per server

    Level 2
    Most Popular
    • Up to 5 tickets per month
    • Everything from Level 1
    • +
    • Advanced firewall management
    • Software installation/configuration
    • DNS management
    • Website performance tuning
    • Third party software installation
    $49.95 monthly per server

    Level 3
    All-Inclusive Support
    • Up to 10 tickets per month
    • Everything from Level 2
    • +
    • PCI DSS audit
    • Malware investigation & resolution
    • Spam investigation & resolution
    • Best effort third party application support
    $149.95 monthly per server

    Feel free to contact us if you need a custom plan. We'll design a special plan just for you.

    Outsourced hosting support
    We'll provide support for your web hosting business when you need it. Outsource the Off hours (nights/weekends), or completely (24/7) outsource the support to us.

    The support we offer and its features:

    Supplemental web hosting support - outsource your support during the night shifts or during the weekends.
    Complete 24/7 support - we will completely take care of all support queries all of the time!
    White label - there will be no mention of our company and our services anywhere.
    Support via live chat - we'll provide actual support through live chat. Always online and available.
    Support via tickets - less than 5 minutes average response time.
    The support is provided by our LEGENDARY support with a positive attitude towards customers.

    Per incident (one-time) support
    Have an issue on your server that needs to be fixed? This service covers the problems that can generally be resolved within an hour.
    Per incident support services we offer:
    • Initial Server Setup and Optimization
    • Server security patches and updates
    • Firewall Configuration and Management
    • Website migration
    • SPAM protection and Spammer resolution
    • DNS configuration and management
    • Server hardening and server security audit
    • PCI compliance and audits
    • Software & Scripts Installation
    • Service configuration and optimization
    • SSL installation
    • Malware/Virus/Phishing/Vulnerability Protection
    • and more! Have a specific task we should do on your server? Contact us and we'll do it.

    Have any questions? Feel free to contact us. We are available 24/7 and respond to your request ASAP.
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    RoseHosting, Mar 3, 2017 IP
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    Yeah great thread and people of India must learn from John Chow blog rather than celebrating festivals of this stupid nation...
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    Noted. I would probably need your service. Any discounted price perhaps?
    komrad, Mar 6, 2021 IP