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Links between two different websites on same hosting plan not displaying

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by SanAngelina, Jun 3, 2019.


Links between websites on the same hosting account won't register as backlinks?

Poll closed Jun 10, 2019.
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    A little background, my previous boss has a photography company in Colorado, I stopped working with him because I moved to California, so we decided to start a photography business in SF together.

    We built our website and it's being hosted on his business account from host gator. This was back in January. He placed a link from his about page to our home page.
    It's been almost 4 months and the link isn't showing up on any backlink checkers.

    Are we missing something? Links between websites on the same hosting account won't register as backlinks? Is this a thing?

    Any help is appreciated. We've been wrestling with this for months. He went in and placed dofollow on the link and nothing.

    Thank you in advance!
    SanAngelina, Jun 3, 2019 IP
  2. RSSeosolution

    RSSeosolution Banned

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    According to me .... backlinks from same IP will not count by many backlinks cheker like "ahrefs" ..... but some backlinks cheker can show this like "backlinkswatch".

    If both sites have different C Class IP that means bots not visited to linked page (As you saying about us page) till now. Search engine crawl sites and pages according to update ratio for example if search engines notice that you are updating on weekly basis then bot will visit once at least accordingly. You should write one or two more paragraph and ping once linked page to let search engines know about update. You can bookmark also that page to few tip bookmarking sites so bots will visit there soon and you will see that links as backlinks.

    Note one thing its completely depend on IP addresses of both websites.
    RSSeosolution, Jun 3, 2019 IP
  3. Don Jackson

    Don Jackson Peon

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    Well first if the link is not showing, then the site the link is on hasn't been scanned by the particular backlink checking software you use. Not all backlink checkers are equal. If you are depending on the links shown by Google Search Console, that only shows a partial list and will never show all of your links.

    Never get a backlink from a website that shares the same ip address, ie a shared host. This is just one method that Google and others use to detect unnatural links and rank manipulation. It doesn't happen naturally in the wild, sorry it just doesn't. This is especially true if both sites share the same niche. This is a PBN indicator, not saying you started one, but that is the danger you are facing. So that link is an almost certainty to be discounted and ignored.
    Don Jackson, Jun 23, 2019 IP