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LifetimeShares-Turn your $1 to $30 or more! EARN WITH CONFIDENCE!

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by Elitegeek, Apr 30, 2012.

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    "Welcome To This Revenue Sharing Opportunity!..
    75% Life Time Profits"​

    SHARE PRICE: $ 1
    (Include 2000 banner impressions and 3000 text impressions
    per each share you buy +plus 75% profits for life)​

    Introducing Your New Revenue Sharing Opportunity...​

    You don't know it yet... But no matter where you've been or what you've done online so far, today is a brand new start for your future that you may well remember for years to come!

    Why? Because you're standing on the threshold of making a substantial income from this revenue sharing model. This opportunity works so well to generate a solid income for most that participate, it's taking the Internet by storm, and creating bulging hip pockets, and smiles on both Admin and member's happy

    How it works

    Once you signup for free to this program today, you can purchase 1 share for 1 dollar each, and receive quality advertising in the form of banner and text ad impressions (2000 banner and 3000 text impressions) for each share you purchase. Then, you will receive a part of 75% from each share that this program sells, for life!!... NO REFERRAL NEEDED. You can also purchase shares using your available balance.Every share you purchase means 1 position that you will receive 75% on it, for each position. So the more shares that you purchase, the more money you earn. And the awesome part is that your position/share NEVER expire. You can cashout when your balance reaches 1$ which is processed within 24 hours after request. You can literally sit with your account page open, and watch as your earnings increase in real-time on a daily basis. There is no limit how many shares/Ad you can purchase a day or a year. Your positions will also earn commissions from the new shares that you purchase!! But not only that, we've got some great bonuses for free that you will thoroughly enjoy.

    Promote your affiliate link, and when your referrals buy a share, you will earn a cash commission down 2 levels, 5% level 1 and 3% level 2. Not bad considering you didn't refer your referral's downline right? It's all good!

    But here's the kicker that makes this program absolutely insane! ... Once the Paypal, AlertPay or Liberty Reserve fees and a 25% Admin commission are taken from the share price, the remaining 75% is split equally and distributed in fair shares to the next set of 100 members. So the more shares that are sold, the more money you earn. This is how this program works so well, and generates more and more sales to be shared amongst it members. More details in FAQs...

    Payment Processors Accepted So Far:
    (with minimum cash out of $1.00)


    It's Time To Get Started & To Receive YOUR Part Of The Revenue Share!

    Click On My Signature To Signup For Free.
    Then Purchase Your Shares Inside.

    Payment Proofs?


    * Add me in Skype (Skype Name: rjabrium) I will show you my account LIVE!
    Elitegeek, Apr 30, 2012 IP