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Leadbolt payment delay

Discussion in 'Pay Per Click Advertising' started by richengels, Jun 1, 2017.

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    Hi everyone,

    Is there anyone using Leadbolt nowadays? To those that are using it, are you getting paid in time as you manually click the "Request payment" button?

    For those who don't know, Leadbolt has a Net30 payment terms. It doesn't have automatic payment, so you need to manually log on your account and click the "Request payment" button. It also offers an Early Payment Request, but your account needs to go under certain validations for that to happen. Anyways, this is what's happening:

    On April 17th, my "Current Account Balance" got updated with my revenue from March. I clicked the "Request payment" button and was given the following message:

    "Your payment request has been confirmed. Your account balance will be paid to you in accordance with our payment policies."

    So I waited until April 30th, which is the date that I expected to be paid, but I didn't receive anything. On May 18th, my "Current Account Balance" got updated again, showing the revenue from March and April. I contacted their support and they told me to wait a week for an update. After a week, I was contacted by their support:

    "This is taking a little more time than expected, however your request is currently with our Finance team for further review. Once I have received more information, I will get back to you with an update or if more information is required."

    So I waited until May 31st, but once again I didn't get paid on May 30th. I contacted their support again and didn't receive any replies so far. My "Request payment" page has no "Request payment" button, but the following message is still being shown:


    Has anyone had similar issues with Leadbolt? From what I read here in the forums and other pages, they seem to be a nice ad network, but most reviews I found are from 2013-15 so it's a little outdated.

    Thanks for your attention.
    richengels, Jun 1, 2017 IP