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Selling Lawyers Key - 70% Discount

Discussion in 'Sites' started by programmer_best1, Mar 24, 2019.

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    Domain/Website: LawyersKey.COM
    Registered : Namecheap
    Expired domain : 2018-07-08
    Its 7 Years Old Website and Very Cheap Price.
    Price : $900 USD (It has been listed before for 3,000$, so i am offering 70% discount. and that price is way less than the value of the premium domain "Lawyers Key" without even the website)
    Payment Method : Paypal
    The sale include : The premium domain + The database + The forum coding.
    I am selling the website with discount because i don't have time to manage it and i have other multiple websites.
    How To Buy The Domain Name & Website LawyersKey.COM Through of Marketplace.digitalpoint.com?
    1. You have to create new account at digitalpoint forum, it's free. Follow this link -> https://www.digitalpoint.com/register/
    2. Then press "domain info : LawyersKey.COM (Beta)" button at above this page, or you can just go to this link -> https://forums.digitalpoint.com/threads/lawyers-key-70-discount.2855903/
    3. Press "buy now for $900" button at that page.
    4. You will see a Paypal link will show, press the link, please input your Paypal detail and login, then sent the payment.
    5. After done, you can send me your NameCheap detail: Username and Email through PM (Digitalpoint Private Message). I will push the domain to your Namecheap.com account. it's only take a few seconds after I push the domain, the domain will appear into your account.
    6. if you have any questions just send me message through PM.
    programmer_best1, Mar 24, 2019 IP
  2. johndavis74

    johndavis74 Active Member

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    Does it make any money?
    johndavis74, May 12, 2019 IP