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La start-up berlinoise ZenMate a réussi à attirer un million d'utilisateurs pour son microVPN pour G

Discussion in 'Google API' started by omarohalouane, Mar 19, 2014.

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    The start-up ZenMate Berlin has managed to attract a million users for its microVPN for Google Chrome. An appropriate response to ambient paranoia whether at home or in business.

    The start-up ZenMate, which offers a plug-in for Google Chrome microVPN, announced today that it has registered one million users for its service six months after its launch. The technology developed by the sapling based in Berlin aims to provide secure and encrypted connections to web browsers, and access from anywhere in the world. Co-founder of ZenMate Simon Specka explained last week our colleagues Techworld: "We encrypt the connection from your browser so that you can not be hacked and we hide your IP address to protect your privacy."

    Simon Specka of course admitted that they were not alone in the market and other companies , as Hidemyass or Hotspot Shield , do exactly the same thing for many years . "We provide the same functionality as our competitors, but in a more simple," he has said. " We aim for the mass market, and these users want to be protected after a click ." The proposed ZenMate service is very simple to install. Just download the plugin and then choose a proxy , in Europe or the United States for service . This allows access to blocked sites in Europe as Netflix , Hulu or Google Wallet.

    Service connections soar

    At startup, a large part of the growth ZenMate was provided by countries with limited Internet access , such as China and Iran. But in recent months , it ay been a significant increase in activity in Europe and the United States. From there to see a direct impact of the NSA practices , there is only one step. In January, the number of connections has increased by more than 200,000 users, with an increase of 72% in the UK and 71% in the United States in a month. The start-up says it has also seen a dramatic increase in enrollment in Ukraine following recent unrest, with 23,500 additional visitors during the last crisis. And in the recent unrest in Venezuela, 17,000 more visits were recorded. "Our Internet traffic is daily threatened by many sources [including] the pirates , restrictions on Internet service providers , repressive governments , identity theft and viruses ."
    "Reaching one million users is a very important step for us here at ZenMate , and a clear sign that the bank online, chat with friends or the track streaming Winter Olympics , people want to surf Web securely encrypted and anonymously , without having to worry about threats or inveterate snoops . "

    The premium version coming

    On average, 1.5 petabytes of data are managed by ZenMate each month, and 18% of the traffic comes from social networks and blogs, 14% of the video and music streaming and 13% of the pub.

    ZenMate , which employs 15 people, plans to release mobile versions for Android and iOS in the coming months , as well as a premium version of its existing Web plugin. Still in beta , the service is still free .

    The million users ZenMate is active in 170 countries on six continents around the world, including :

    Asia: approximately 620 000 registered users
    Europe : Towards 205,000 registered users
    North America : 145 000 registered users
    South America : about 27 000 registered users
    Africa : Towards 8000 registered users
    Oceania : 5000 registered users

    The vast majority ( 75%) of these entries came through the store Google Chrome, while a quarter was generated by ZenMate site.


    omarohalouane, Mar 19, 2014 IP