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Kraftyads.com - Experience an unparalleled care for all your traffic!

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by kraftyads, Oct 16, 2018.

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    Our advanced smartlinks will boost your conversion and profits for Dating, Gambling, Sports, Media and Gaming traffic!
    Five core verticals
    Dating / Gambling / Sports / Media / Games
    Friendly and competent support
    Our support is always ready to help you with your problems, no matter the size of your business

    Powered by Polimorf Technology
    We bypass all major adblockers and give you access to actual domains and protect your traffic from bots.

    Extreme adaptation
    All landings are granularly integrated with lead generating pages. This results in the highest CR

    Chasing landings visitors
    Anyone leaving our landings will be getting follow up emails and push notifications.

    Maximum accuracy
    We know your traffic source and intelligently match it with the best offer

    Traffic Types
    We work with any traffic (except incent, chat bots and spam)

    We pay once a week (min $100)

    Stats Access
    We provide you with subid, postback status reports

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    Great pitch.
    I would still rather go with Google Adsense or bidvertiser.
    planck, Oct 26, 2018 IP