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know me - like me - trust me - pay me

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by markogron, Jul 21, 2020.

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    I'm a beginner running small business (local bridge school) and two question about marketing strategy came to my mind. Both are about "know me like me trust me pay me":
    1. Is this strategy really effective and worth implementing or should I look for sth else? Could you recommend sth better for beginner?
    2. Do I understand it correctly?
    - I created free ebook "How to keep your mind healthy after 50" which can be downloaded after receiving email address.
    - I'm going to buy facebook ad promoting a post about this ebook. I hope for building leads base this way.
    - After let's say a week I'll send new mail with simple bridge-based exercises that train brain
    - Next week, new mail with story of my 92 years old client
    - Last mail with an offer - bridge course

    Is this a proper way of doing it? Otherwise could you tell me whats wrong or recommend me better strategy?
    Thank you in advance

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    markogron, Jul 21, 2020 IP
  2. jrbiz

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    Welcome to DP. Here are my thoughts on your questions:

    1. "Know me, like me, trust me, pay me" is basically a description of how buyers and sellers of services have engaged since the beginning of time. This phrase is similar to the stock advice: "Buy Low and Sell High." Basically, these two statements are truisms that offer little value in terms of tactical implementations that will achieve the desired outcomes in a specific market or investing arena.

    2. This looks like a reasonable starting plan. In real estate, the mantra is that three things matter in setting a house's selling price: location, location, and location. In Direct Marketing (which you are doing) there are likewise three things that matter: testing, testing, and testing. My point is that you should try this series of marketing activities and carefully monitor and measure the results. Then, experiment a bit with various aspects of the campaign and continue to measure results. Try different approaches, offers, and calls to action and track them carefully. In this way, you will be learning what works best to produce the results you want.
    jrbiz, Jul 22, 2020 IP
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