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Kind of Podcast for Marketing

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by Hossein Amiri, Nov 7, 2019.

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    attention: this content translated from Persian.
    Podcasting is a model of audio content presentation. Many refer to it as Internet radio. The word podcast is a combination of the two terms iPod (Apple Music Player) and Broadcast (Broadcast), which was published by Ben Hamersley in the Guardian newspaper The Audible Revolution article.

    Podcasts are distributed through the RSS feed. Producers, or podcasters, broadcast their episodes through this feed, and they can listen to podcast apps and podcast services whenever they want.

    The easiest way to listen is to use podcast apps. Reference to all podcasts, Apple and Apple Podcasts service. Just go to this app on your iOS device and listen to any podcast you want. On Android, Google has followed a similar path with the development of Google Podcasts. Among other services such as CastBox, Stitcher, Overcast, etc., they have made it easy to listen to this content model.

    Music streaming services like Soundcloud and Spotify also support podcasting, and some podcasts are also broadcast on these two services. But the main distribution channel is the RSS feed that your audience can listen to on any app that supports this format.

    You also need to take steps to prepare and build podcasts to reach the final stage of publishing to podcast services. This article attempts to give you an overview of the podcast and its production space in two steps and is the first step in preparing and producing content.

    Podcast Form Types
    Single podcast - a host
    The single-podcast or Solo Podcast is the simplest and most popular model we see today. This type of podcast, also known as the One Man Show, involves presenting content by a person (the host) in front of the microphone. Whether from text or preset data, someone transmits information to you - on any topic. If you come up with quality and valuable content for any topic you are interested in, this one-of-a-kind podcast is the best model for you.

    An interview podcast
    The Interview Podcast consists of interviewing one person (host) with another person who is invited to one of the programs. An interview podcast does not contain content in advance, but the task of the host is to record questions and get more information from the interviewer during the conversation.

    Roundtable podcast
    Panel Show or Rouad Table Podcast is a form of podcasting. This model may host more than one person and of course guests more than one. In roundtable podcasts, everyone talks about a particular topic at the same time. Conversing with and against a topic is the attraction of podcasts. Notable features of this podcast form include hard time management and guests. Also, podcasts or ghetto panel usually are long, with less interruption.

    Podcasts with two hosts - shared hosting
    Podcasting with Two Hosts - Co-Hosted Podcast or in other words podcasting with more than one host - Multi Host Podcast is a model of podcasting similar to single podcasting. That is, the host's tasks are cut in half, or each has its own point of view. Podcasts with two hosts are usually comical and funny, and have a high chance of becoming popular if they can convey valuable content along with keeping the podcast alive.

    Storyteller podcast
    Storytelling Podcasting or Storytelling - The Storytelling Podcast is one of the most popular forms of podcasting. Telling and attracting audiences has always been approved by marketers in this way, and the same is true in the podcast space. The audience can be more easily attracted to your podcast than other models with your storytelling form. The storyteller podcasts themselves fall into two subgroups. First) storytellers - non-fiction and second) storytellers - fiction

    Non-fiction storyteller podcast
    The Non-Fiction Storytelling Podcast - The Non-Fiction Storytelling Podcast is a more conventional model than the storyteller. In this model the podcast is originally defined as fiction, but the type of narrative differs. The type of presentation can be quite different in tone and can come from different people's language and different sources. Even in this model podcasts may be cut from other people's voices (either documentary or movie about the subject). Non-fiction storytelling podcasts can be the result of research by journalists and experts on a story and narrative. Popular and popular English podcasts This American Life and Serial fall into this category.

    A storytelling story podcast
    Storytelling Podcasts - Another Fiction Storytelling Podcast is another form of storytelling podcasting. In this case, we are completely with a side story and story. That is, podcast hosts or hosts act as the voiceover of the characters and carry the story into a podcast, like a movie or TV series. Of course, this podcast model may be hosted by a host and it has a narrator role. It all depends on the style of the story and its model. Among the English podcasts, many writers tell their stories to audiences through the medium and have many fans.

    Combined podcasts
    Hybrid Podcast - The Hybrid Podcast is a model of podcasting that can combine multiple forms. For example, in a single-person podcast, a story might be defined and then interviewed as a guest on the story. Audio Magazines - Audio Magazine also falls into this category of podcasts. Audio magazines may have multiple hosts and complete music pieces may be used between them. Interviews and Q&A are other parts of audio magazines.

    Whenever you want to sign in to any of the podcast-related forms, you need to pay attention to the content you are presenting. Audiences aren't just podcasting for your voice, but you have to provide them with engaging content. After all, every podcast has its own audience, and never try to satisfy everyone.

    Source: https://furbodm.com/create-podcast/
    Hossein Amiri, Nov 7, 2019 IP