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Keywords..for real?

Discussion in 'Keywords' started by Solicitors Mortgages, Nov 6, 2004.

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    i just want to point out something to keep in mind.
    Yesterday i was looking for info, about light fittings to see what other sites i am up against.
    I probably searched 200 different variations and looked at 60 sites and their source code.
    Now...when you are using keyword tracking tools...light fittings will show up as really popular, when in fact they are not....and this is where tracking tools fail...how many other web designers (SEO's) are doing this very thing all the time? HUNDREDS perhaps Thousands...and that makes certain searches look popular,,,when in fact its a bogus result.
    And now to the point....So dont place too much emphasis on search tools, but build your sites to how YOU want them with the keywords YOU choose.

    NB: it wasn't light fittings ,,i just used that in this example.
    Solicitors Mortgages, Nov 6, 2004 IP
  2. dejaone

    dejaone Well-Known Member

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    You can check my keyword tool, which is based on a mathematical mode. The searches made by SEO people doesn't alter the estimated popularity. The results are mixed. some say it's a good one, other think it's not accurate at all.

    There's a jvascript bug on "GO" button. It works it you enter keyword and hit ENTER key.

    Google Keyword Tool
    dejaone, Nov 6, 2004 IP
  3. ResaleBroker

    ResaleBroker Active Member

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    That's a handy little tool.:)
    ResaleBroker, Nov 6, 2004 IP