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Keyword research confusion for SPANISH(accents...)

Discussion in 'Keywords' started by rey.abc, Apr 17, 2013.


How should i add my keywords in my SEO plugin?

  1. Go with the accents

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  2. Go with no accents

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    Hello everyone, once again i come with a question. My website is in spanish, and so some of my keywords have accents and i dont know if i should add them on my keywords with or without them, with them it has VERY LITTLE searches, but without the accents the searches are a lot more.

    The big problem with this is if i google "órgano" instead of "organo" the results are VERY different even tho its the same.

    What should i do? In my content i obviously have them with accents and everything correct, but how should i add them on my keywords?
    PD: forgive me for my bad english, its really hard to express myself on this language but i try my best.
    rey.abc, Apr 17, 2013 IP
  2. jacksarlo

    jacksarlo Well-Known Member

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    I think you should use what your visitors use, therefore what you want to optimize for.

    If you want to rank for keyworda then that's what you want to use (regardless how weird sounding it is)...
    jacksarlo, Apr 20, 2013 IP