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keyword on header and footer

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by indianherbcare, Nov 12, 2007.

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    I used to see lots of sites which has keywords on header(top of all content) and on footer, dont see them anymore. what is the standard.

    I have 10-12 sites which I need to review for basic seo techniques, is there any ABCD guide to check latest SEO standard
    indianherbcare, Nov 12, 2007 IP
  2. ficgs

    ficgs Guest

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    Seems to me that the "standard" is just to make real content... so not old seo, just normal sentences with verbs and so on (eventually with keywords inside)...
    ficgs, Nov 12, 2007 IP
  3. bogs

    bogs Active Member

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    bogs, Nov 13, 2007 IP
  4. SunDevil

    SunDevil Peon

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    I use keywords in the headers, and keyword text (deep) links in the footers. But i am also carefull not to spam keywords in the area. Its all about the proper mix of keywords to content.
    SunDevil, Nov 13, 2007 IP
  5. trichnosis

    trichnosis Prominent Member

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    if you mean using keywords on your pages, it's against the google quality guides
    trichnosis, Nov 13, 2007 IP
  6. mlavta1

    mlavta1 Peon

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    Is better to use text in your header or picture with alt text. For example:
    <a href="http://mysite.com"><img src="http://mysite.com/picture.gif"  alt="title" title="title" /></a>
    Code (markup):

    <h1><a href="http://mysite.com/" title ="title">Text</a><h1>
    Code (markup):
    Thanks for your proposals.
    mlavta1, Feb 10, 2008 IP
  7. paulhudson

    paulhudson Active Member

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    My idea of a perfect page:


    title - Widgets foos | foos for widgets

    (not 'my company name is really long and no one cares | great widgets for foos | all the widgets for your foos and even less key word density)

    Description - widgets foos from a reliable and professional widget company established for 900 years. Our foos fit your widgets and are your salvation.

    (repeat the keywords but use them in context, this description will likely be used in the SERPs on google - unless you are in DMOZ)

    Keywords - widgets, foos, location, buy

    (does this really matter? EVERYTHING MATTERS!!!!!)



    <h1>Widget Foos Location</h1>

    (you do use h1 tags right? The title of you page is likely to give your visitors some inclination as to the subject of your site, search engines are interested in this. BIG TIME.)

    Widget foos are great especially when your foos fit your widgets!
    Our widget foos are........... more wordds on widgets and foos untill the end of this short, engaging and easy to read paragraph.

    (your 1st paragraph should start with your keywords, and try to get them in everywhere you can, you arn't 'Company Name' - you are 'a Widget and Foos supplier, specializing in foos that fit widgets'.)

    <h2>Quality foos to your door!</h2>

    (you know that h1, same thing with the h2's. Your content should mention your keywords right to the end and you titles should reflect this. the search engines want to know you are focused on the information you provid. Also, strong titles grab the users attention and help to prevent them from scan reading, speak personally and on a one to one basis, most of your customer will be in there underpants when they visit your site and don't want a load of marketing mumbo jumbo.)

    <h3>We love widgets</h3>

    (ok you get the gist's)

    My last paragraph on any page of the site mentions widgets and foos, if i can I try to mention widgets and foos twice, i just can get enough of widgets and foos!

    (make sure those keywords are in your content from top to bottom.)

    Bottom of site links:

    Privacy policy, etc - think google likes to see a privacy policy, purely speculation though.

    Widgets and Foos - link to the index page.

    (stuffing a load of keywords here is pointless, its spamming and you will get slapped for it. your users dont want to see a useless bundle of words - some might, you can't buy taste... but most wont so the search engines dont want to. they can see you coming from a mile of with that sort of technique. -- however, mentioning your main keywords at the bottom once, doesn't do any harm and just goes another 0.1% towards your optimisation.)


    Internal link structure:

    Pages about widgets should link to your main page for widgets

    Pages about foos should link to your main page for foos

    Place internal links in your body text, preferably in the fist paragraph and then again in the middle or end of the page content.

    Use the correct anchor text -
    'Click here' is no good to man or beast!

    'see our <link>Widgets</link> page' - much better

    Try to keep links from your home page, just link to the essentials, and deep link from their, you want to link to your home page not from it. --- not true in all cases but im coming at this from the average small - medium company.

    Calls to action are really important at the bottom of your site.. but, that contact page probably has too many links going to it. if you have a link to the contact page on every page of your site, just think of the PR slopping over to that useless page. Try to give your phone number, email link or just 'see our contact page' rather than linking to it.


    External links:

    Dont link out - unless you are linking to an authoritative site and to a page that is specifically relevant to your page content. Try to use rel="nofollow" in the links, Google picks this up as a paid link and will not follow it, thus you keep your PR. not all search engines subscribe to this, but who cares for the moment google is the only search engine you should care about.

    Link exchanges - a few can be useful for traffic and they will help give the search engines an idea of what you are about, so great. but they are not going to get you a PR 10 site. Dont share links with irrelevant site or spammy black hat sites... you are judged on the company you keep.

    Inbound links - buy links but be careful, dont buy links lower than PR4 and buy links that are on topic. The only good supplier i have found is Text Link Ads, this is really dodgy territory and i am uncomfortable with it, but for the time being you can get away with it.

    Dont buy links on every page of a site, you one one site, one page, one link - yours... acturly you want as many of your links on that page as possible, you don't want anyone else's links on that page.

    Make sure links have the correct anchor text as mentioned above. you want links from authoritative sites. <link>widget foos</link> not 'click here' - not even 'great widget foos available from my company name.


    things to remember,

    The search engines dont care about you or owe you a living, they only care about providing the most relevant, latest and shiniest information to their users.

    there is no point at which you stop, you simply make sure you do more than your competitors, if you stop you may be ahead for a while but your competitors will continue to collect kudos for their work. it is a constant game of point scoring with the search engines, you always need to show off you good work.

    The search engines don't care what your company name is or how big you logo is on your site.. God it feels good to say that, i'd love to say that so bluntly to clients... the search engines care about what you do, plastering your name everywhere is vanity, plaster widget foos the foos that fit widgets every where instead.

    Content is king, accept when high quality, relevant links are king, but then content is still really king, as long as you have links because they are king... my head is spinning.


    I can't believe i have just wrote all that, i should tidy it up and put it on my site as an article. I cant even post a signature yet... i will be interested to check this pages ranking for Widget foos on the next google update.. Wow those foos, they fit those widgets so good.

    hope this helps,


    paulhudson, Feb 10, 2008 IP
    mlavta1 likes this.
  8. Markas

    Markas Well-Known Member

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    great post paulhudson ;)
    Markas, Feb 10, 2008 IP
  9. imperiumg

    imperiumg Active Member

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    Nice work thanks
    imperiumg, Feb 10, 2008 IP