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Keyword Golden Ratio KGR Keyword Super Profitable Keyword Method

Discussion in 'Keywords' started by robinbd4u, Aug 1, 2018.

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    Any one have any experience about Keyword Golden Ratio or KGR Keyword method ? It's developed by Doug Cunnington. It's a method to finding super profitable and easy ranking keywords. These keywords could rank even without any backlink with in a month. KGR keywords could bring more sales than general. But it hard to find KGR keywords. I have used some of KGR keywords and getting good result. You may see Doug Cunnington keyword golden ratio formula here
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    Also I have got a super guy who is expert to finding super valuable keyword golden ratio kgr keywords for any niche or product. Who needed to find lots of keyword golden ratio KGR keywords may look here
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    Please comment your valuable opinion.
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    robinbd4u, Aug 1, 2018 IP
  2. Wright C.

    Wright C. Peon

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    You can use Allintitle.co to get the KGR value for a long list of keywords. It also provides a Keyword Suggestion Tool, which you can use to generate a big list of related keywords for a single seed keyword. Other than Bulk KGR and Allintitle check, it gives you Google Search Trends, CPC, Search Volume, SERP overview, and a lot of additional info.
    Wright C., Oct 13, 2019 IP