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Keeping track of outreached publishers?

Discussion in 'Products & Tools' started by thefan, Nov 15, 2018.

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    I wonder if anyone of you could recommend me a tried-and-tested tool (something like a CRM) to keep track of outreached publishers.

    Right now, I use a very rudimentary CRM I made in MySQL and PHP and run on XAMPP locally plus a bunch of large spreadsheets on Google Docs but it's by far not the perfect solution.

    I need something where I can keep track of the emails I send out to webmasters, their replies, the prices they ask for publishing a sponsored guest post (+ the currency), their special requests, the other websites in their portfolios, their websites' language, target country, and a ton of other details. It's a pretty long list of contacts, too, with thousands of potential partners and tens of thousands of URLs.

    Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
    thefan, Nov 15, 2018 IP