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Buying jQuery Photo Uploader and Editor

Discussion in 'Programming' started by mcmuney, Jan 27, 2011.

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    In need of a multi photo uploader to function as follows:

    1.Upload Page
    -by default show one row; upload a photo and description
    -show "add" button to add additional rows
    -on upload, it should upload files from all rows
    -filenames should be renamed to avoid issues

    2.Edit Page
    -show all results from database, one result per row (utilize pagination)
    -show thumbnail of image and description
    -there should be a save and delete button on each row
    -there should be a mass save option to save all edits on the full page

    3.Results Page
    -I need the results from the database listed in this format:
    ["image1.jpg", "", "", "description of image here"],
    ["image2.jpg", "", "", "description of image here"],
    ["image3.jpg", "", "", "description of image here"]
    Show me your sample if you've done similar work. Happy bidding!
    mcmuney, Jan 27, 2011 IP
  2. mcmuney

    mcmuney Well-Known Member

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    Project assigned.
    mcmuney, Jan 27, 2011 IP