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Joomla Options

Discussion in 'Joomla' started by Avatar7, Feb 27, 2009.

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    Have some questions as regards Joomla:

    1) Can I make a third list beside the Section and Category ones so that when users submit an article, they can choose to submit it under : section and category and a third choice from the third list?

    2)One of these lists would be countries of the world. However, this means I will need to create 200 or something different sections/categories. Is there a way around that like some plugin or something?

    3)Better than both, is there an extension or way that can make the navigation in the form of drop-down lists rather than menus, so that the user can pick the options from 2 such lists that will take him to the appropriate articles, instead of having to choose form a menu and then from the list of categories that appear in the next page?

    And if they aren't, are they available in Wordpress or Drupal?


    P.S: It seems you can't place same category under different sections. I needed this because actually the categories will be repeated under each section and I didn't want to recreate the same category names under each. Seems, Joomla is not flexible as regards this :(
    Avatar7, Feb 27, 2009 IP
  2. Avatar7

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    Anyone got ideas?

    SOmeone on the joomla forums suggested that I create the countries in an excel sheet and import the CSV file into the "Sections/Categories" table using phpmyAdmin. Sounds logical
    Avatar7, Feb 28, 2009 IP