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Joomla Guru's needed urgently

Discussion in 'Services' started by dreamedia, Mar 2, 2009.

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    I need a few joomla developers for a huge back log of work. I have numerous clients and alot of regular work.

    Please Note: This is high volume, low margin batch of jobs for the next few weeks. This job does not suit inexperience people that would like to learn on the job.

    I have a team of people developing content so you can just concentrate on building the sites. I'm supplying templates, so minimum design work is required. These jobs are about presentation & first impressions, Clean, well organized content layouts.

    Please PM a honest outline of your experience & examples of your work.
    I would like to find one or two joomla guru's for a long term relationship, if they can deliver the goods, I've got heaps of work already booked.

    dreamedia, Mar 2, 2009 IP
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    aka47, Mar 5, 2009 IP