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Joomla and jquery simple question

Discussion in 'jQuery' started by schlogo, Sep 10, 2014.

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    Here s a simple question, could someone tell me what is the use of the last part of this line of code ?

    jQuery("#city").val(panels[<?php echo $this->work->fk_panel_id;?>].city_id);
    Code (markup):
    I know it sets the value of the city dropdown box. My question is to roughly know what it is doing exactly ?

    It assigns a value to city but what is panels supposed to be ? an array ? what is .city_id used for at the end.

    You ll understand i have no jquery background , tks for your answer
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    schlogo, Sep 10, 2014 IP
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    Its setting the input#city with the value of the city_id from the panels object which matches the fk_panel_id. You have pretty much answered this yourself.
    HuggyStudios, Sep 10, 2014 IP
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  3. schlogo

    schlogo Well-Known Member

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    thanks, i was not too sure about this !
    schlogo, Sep 10, 2014 IP