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javascript framework

Discussion in 'JavaScript' started by arto8, Sep 28, 2018.

  1. deathshadow

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    Was that the one that is behind a login, but he posted admin:admin as the login defeating the purpose of having a login?

    I've got to say that this:

    buggy broken incompetent train wreck of whiskey tango foxtrot is spitting distance from
    But that goes back to my initial post in this thread a year ago, where it is painfully obvious that they
    Honestly, I can't figure out what any of their crap scripting is supposed to do; worse I can't even figure out what they're doing on ANY of their pages to warrant the use of JavaScript in the first huffing place! Another stunning example of JS for nothing and your scripts for free. That ain't workin', that's not how you do it.
    deathshadow, Jan 13, 2020 IP
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