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Selling JailBreakThatIphone 100% Automated Jailbreaking/Unlock iPhone Membership/ Easy to Manage/LowReserve

Discussion in 'Sites' started by UnderWaterPc, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. #1
    • 3 Day Auction - Short Sale - Bid Now Reserve $125
    • Anyone can Own and Manage
    • Live Chat Available for Premium Support
    What You Get
    • Super Premium JailBreakThatIphone domain, 3 great keywords built in!
    • Unlock Method with huge profit margins!
    • Turnkey Business with Unlimited Potential!
    The Domain
    • JailBreakThatIphone.com has huge potential for targeted SEO for the terms:
    • Jailbreak Global Monthly Searches 13,600,000 with Low Competition
    • That Global Monthly Searches 101,000,000 with Low Competition
    • Iphone Global Monthly Searches 185,000,000 with Medium Competition
    • With the right SEO knowledge, this site could be top of google for popular terms like "JailBreakThatIphone.com the possibilities are more then ENDLESS
    I have seen a lot of people out there selling Jailbreak sites. Please don't get caught buying from a newbie. This is the cleanest one on the web. The look of the website is what makes the sales, when you get on a cheap looking site, your probably not thinking about spending money. Make the investment with us to get a solid website with a professional design. When your potential clients visits your new site they will want to spend the design is one of the best around.
    Iphone are one of the hottest mobile devices out right now, so why not earn with a niche that is already winning..
    Does it unlock the latest iPhone firmware? Yes
    Does are all guides included ? Yes
    This turnkey website runs completely automatically. New members that pay when they signup will be directed to the Members Area with everything they need. You will not have to do anything to assist this process. Jailbreaks are a high demand product, especially with Apple constantly releasing new updates and new models of phones, this web site will be alive for a long time profiting and growing each day.There are over 20,000 new IPhone activations each day! This is a one-time opportunity to buy a very strong business that you can easily run from any location in the world. Profits are very high and will continue to grow. This site has been profitable since the launch! 3G-Unlock/4G-Unlocks are very high demand business, within the constantly growing iPhone niche. If your not familiar with this niche, it is a highly demanded product and is proven it to be very profitable.
    How Does It Work:
    • Customer Places Order - you can set the payment type yourself (moneybookers, PayPal, etc.)
    • Payment Received - after a payment is received, the customer will be redirected to the member area
    • Customer Access - the new customer will have access to all the downloads and tutorials needed to jailbreak their product.
    This process is completed without you having to intervene, it's completely automatic.
    One of the best things about this system is the setup. It's already done, everything you need is there. The big stuff is already there, someone without any technical knowledge can become a wiz in a couple days! The website does all the work, all you need to do is add your payment ID, I can help with this. The user interface is great, simple and clear to navigate. It doesn't get any better than that!
    The site is built in HTML, so it's very search engine friendly and solid to work with. It can be edited using free HTML editing software. I can help with updates/editing.
    Pricing Breakdown:
    • Standard Plan: Cost: $0/each - Sale: $19.99/each - Profit: $19.99/each
    Obviously, the prices can be adjusted to fit your own program. Plus, you can always add products/upgrades to generate extra income.
    • Additional List of Jailbreak Apps (free to you) - charge client $20 each
    • Additional Scripts for Computer (free to you) - charge client $25 each
    Key features of the website:
    • HTML + Great Niche = Solid Income!
    • Professional Design + Sexy Graphics (all included - PSD's upon request)
    • 30-days of solid support - Live Chat Available
    • Premium Domain
    What does the Winner get
    Free push to your Godaddy account
    All files and Professional Graphics
    How and where to market
    BID WITH CONFIDENCE! - 100% Positive Feedback

    • Negative Public Comments will be deleted and reported to Digitalpoint
    • Users with Negative Feedback Will Have Bids Rejected
    • Do Not Assume - Ask Me First by Private Message PM.
    • Ask all Your Concerns Before you Bid; Not After you Win this Auction.
    • Payment Due when Auction is completed
    Sale Terms for the Winning Bidder:
    • Full Payment is due Immediately After the Auction Ends via PayPal or Money Booker's, and Escrow if payment is $500 or more
    • I Don’t Accept Split Payments or Financial Terms
    • No Conditional Requirements for Payment will be Allowed After you Win this Auction
    BIN Includes :cool:
    Premium Domain JailbreakourIphone.com
    BIN netogable but will not include BIN Bonus This is to avoid Bidding War..

    THANK you all, Happy BIDDING and have Fun
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2013
    UnderWaterPc, Mar 24, 2013 IP
  2. mysteriox

    mysteriox Active Member

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    Can pay with CC? Cause my country is not accepting fund online payment processors.
    mysteriox, Mar 25, 2013 IP
  3. readersnation

    readersnation Active Member

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    Credit Card you mean to say ?
    readersnation, Mar 25, 2013 IP
  4. UnderWaterPc

    UnderWaterPc Well-Known Member

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    80.0% - 40
    UnderWaterPc, Mar 26, 2013 IP