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I've been struggling with this also

Discussion in 'Games' started by Megaomgchen, Feb 13, 2020.

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    I've been struggling with buy RuneScape gold this alsoI've been struggling with this also. My compromise is to attempt take the hit and to use bonds. Until things changethey actually show they care about their neighborhood, I can not bring myself to give them another penny.Semi-unrelated, but whenever I stop RS and return, the worst sense is attempting to determine whether or not to purchase mems. RS stinks with no subscription, but what if im not ready to come back yet? Now I have spent 13 dollars simply to see if I wanna play. No thanks, lol.

    This remark is not to begin a war or despise thread or anything. I am simply curious to what folks answer for the question... but how does the MTX actually affect you? Why are you so hot and bothered by it? I understand the mentality of'it will get worse', but aside from that, why? Other than it being obnoxious and in mind, it doesn't effect me.cough Those damn trees and drakes cough I don't care about my highscore ranking in contrast to other people as this match is older af. If someone spends money on this game to track themselves I do not care. While doing it, I am playing at my pace and undergoing what I could.
    I only say this since back in the day, I did bot an accounts to max WITHOUT being banned and so I missed out on most of the adventures that I should of had while grinding. I felt robbed of the but it was my fault. However, not just that, but you are losing a great deal of efficiency by not only performing quests to unlock content... skilling in areas to gain rep such as Menaphos. Think of all the things you cannot do with the help MTX. Granted you can get sufficient GP to buy items that completely outclass these items and even some of those'overpowered' promos such as the shadow stone, but there are far better armors on the market and you can get around 10m an hour leeching ED3 farming operates. It won't take long to get enough gold to upgrade your gear.

    I'm also good at spending money on fastest way to earn money in runescape games that I play regardless whether its something that's F2P like League of Leggos or some thing like RS3 or Destiny 2. So maybe I have more discipline than others and that's why it doesn't impact me as much or I am just not grasping the overall hate over MTX. Work hard and achieve the very best, become the best, become the hero. Should you jump past all for some gold it sucks balls.
    Megaomgchen, Feb 13, 2020 IP