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Its Not My Problem

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by clancey, Jul 5, 2007.

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    I just encountered an amazing "Its not my problem" response. I subscribe to a commodity newswire service which charges USD$105 per month. Most of the material on the site comes from Dow Jones and the provider is eSignal.

    They carried a news article about a tender in Iraq, with the URL to the government entity's website. I went to the website and it tried to download two viruses and run access another program. My anti-vurus scanner blocked the viruses, and my browser would not run the program without my permission. I contacted eSignal, warning them that they were carrying a story with a URL to a website which was trying to infect visitor's computers. The response:

    I am contacting Dow Jones directly, but I personally find this to be an amazing irresponsible attitude. Users of that service are going to assume it is safe -- it effectively contains their stamp of approval. Or am I just expecting too much from major corporations?
    clancey, Jul 5, 2007 IP