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It's EASY to sell what people are looking for...

Discussion in 'Amazon' started by cronik, Jun 30, 2022.

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    It's easy to sell what people are looking for, and Amazon has everything. The commission rates are low, I know. But hear me out, Amazon is the best way to start making money with a blog -- even a new blog.

    I love detailing cars, so I made a blog about detailing cars. I knew everything I had to look up and learn when I started, so it was easy for me to refer people to the products they need to get started and/or perform certain detailing jobs. Easy. Write thorough posts, and recommend great products that everyone raves about -- it's simple, and you're actually providing value to the reader by recommending the right stuff.

    The great thing about it is people go on Amazon and buy a ton of random items. People trust Amazon, so even if you're a new unknown blog, they will trust buying the products you're selling them.

    What are you guys doing in 2022? I have noticed that product reviews are doing just as well as ever before, if not better. Being able to optimize for FAQ related to products, properly format the reviews, optimize titles, etc. these things make a huge difference.
    cronik, Jun 30, 2022 IP
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  2. sarahk

    sarahk iTamer Staff

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    Your passion obviously shows in your writing. The big mistake most people make is picking a topic for its earning potential and not for the joy it brings them. I bet you could make the most obscure niche work if you love it.

    I just discovered a product called twinkle toes for painting your horse's hooves. I don't have a horse but I thought it was cute. All you'd need is a bunch of 13yo riders happy to let you paint their ponies, take some awesome photos, rinse and repeat. Now, this wouldn't work for most of us because we're not horse-people and we don't have access to the ponies. But for each of us, there will be that product that we can promote.

    Get the right topic for who you are, put in the work, and reap the rewards.
    sarahk, Jun 30, 2022 IP
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  3. Vanessa Green

    Vanessa Green Peon

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    Yes I think it's a great idea always have a blog and it really improve sales. It allso helps to build a good relations with concurents and even make them your partners haha I meam guest posting opportunity
    Vanessa Green, Dec 9, 2022 IP
  4. cronik

    cronik Well-Known Member

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    Doing better than ever with Amazon Associate program in 2024!!!

    I'm serious, this program works if you know what to do.
    cronik, Feb 13, 2024 IP