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Buying IT infra, Cloud, Big Data and Digital - Looking for IT consultant to write tech reviews

Discussion in 'Content Creation' started by rwin2007, Jun 8, 2015.

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    Dear content writers,

    For a Tech website/blog I am looking for professional and native English content writers with a strong background in IT technology. Due to the nature of this niche it is important to carry experience and background within a bigger IT firm to understand this domain and able to write about it in a compelling way.

    For this niche I have and still am collecting a master list of case studies describing the success and added value of solutions offered by several leaders in this industry. I want all these case studies described (+/- 50 now) of each 250-400 words. Per case study I need to follow content blocks:
    - Title
    - Tagline,
    - Case description itself (the opportunity, the approach or solution, the outcome)
    - All companies involved (list of brand, system integrator, technology vendor, hardware vendor etc)
    - Technologies/capabilities involved within case study
    - 2 pictures per case study
    Based on my the list I provide the content writer should quickly study on the case study i provide, desk research on internet, and describe the case in 250-400 words based on own words.

    Ideally I want this content to be uploaded directly in WordPress and your cost proposal should include the efforts, as this is a relatively simple task, am not expecting much cost per case study. I am looking for bulk price breakdown for orders per 5 - 10 - 15 or 20 case studies at the time. I am not paying extra for SEO optimized text - I expect this is done as part of the content creation - why should I else need it if the text is not optimized yet.

    Please provide me with your credentials and offer to help me build this archive of case studies.

    Looking forward for your offers. Thank you in advance.
    rwin2007, Jun 8, 2015 IP
  2. coreygeer

    coreygeer Notable Member

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    Finding two non-copyright pictures per article, writing quality content people will want to read and managing your blog for you isn't exactly what I would call a relatively simple task.

    I wouldn't expect much in terms of quality or readability in that case if you're not expecting to pay much.
    coreygeer, Jun 8, 2015 IP
    rwin2007 likes this.
  3. rwin2007

    rwin2007 Active Member

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    Hi Khovai,

    Thank you for your valuable contribution. What is much per case study is relative and different for all of us, so you tell me your sharpest price per case study and let me decide if I think that is much or not. It didnt specify yet what I am looking for as I want this marketplace to do its work.

    Remember i asked also for a bulk ratecard for set of 5 - 10 - 15 or 20 determine best value for money.

    Thank you!
    rwin2007, Jun 8, 2015 IP