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is your Youtube Channel name important for SEO?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by Alex Lawford, Aug 21, 2015.

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    Hey guys! is your youtube channel name important for SEO purposes? I have named my youtube channel weightlosstips but I am not sure whether this actually helps the SEO of my videos channel.
    Alex Lawford, Aug 21, 2015 IP
  2. Aryans

    Aryans Well-Known Member

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    Well, yeah its help for your website performance and popularity, you should add your website URL as well in your video it will help to increase your site DA & PA too.
    Aryans, Aug 21, 2015 IP
  3. George Peirson

    George Peirson Active Member

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    Hi, if you are asking if the channel name on YouTube will help in search engine exposure then no. On Google it will have a very small effect for a web site, but not for a YouTube channel name. What will help on YouTube are the other areas of paramount importance for channel SEO, namely your channel description (lots of YouTube channels forget to do this), if you link to a Google+ account (no longer a requirement) and if that account also matches the focus of your channel, and your channel video (you can create a video that is shown on your channel when someone first visits). The main thing though with YouTube channels and where you really should be putting all of your emphasis is the SEO on the individual videos. This is where SEO really counts. People search for videos, not for channels so your site will be found due to your videos. Here is where all the basics come in to play, lots of good videos with proper SEO (too much to go into here) that give viewers loads of great content.

    Bottom line, people will find your channel because of your videos, not because of your channel name. If they like your videos they will subscribe and act on your action calls. It really won't matter what your channel is called at that point except to help clarify what your channel is about.

    Here are some of the top 100 channels, they make millions of dollars a year just from YouTube ad income alone and their channel name doesn't tell you anything about their channel:
    PewDiePie - was a gaming channel now it is a comedy channel
    Markiplier - gaming channel
    WatchMojo.com - movie review channel
    stampylonghead - Minecraft specific gaming channel

    With a successful channel, due to successful videos, people will come to identify the channel name with the channel content. Looking at some very successful brand names what about these names tells you anything about what they do or are? Toyota, Nissan, 7up, Sprite, Tide, Crest, Special K, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles. You get the idea. The important thing is the product and the marketing, not the name. In my opinion a catchy name is 1000 times better than a focused name.
    George Peirson, Aug 26, 2015 IP