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Is this possible with the Facebook API?

Discussion in 'Facebook API' started by isgabew, Feb 17, 2012.

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    Person logs in to my service via FB login. They agree to giving me their email. Then they enter my service.
    At login, is there the ability to ask about contacting their friends? Assuming this person agree's, does FB allow a message to be sent to specific friends once they click 'Yes'? Basically, I am trying to set up a system where a person uses FB friends to remind them to do certain things.

    It seems like it would be this, but I am not 100% certain:
    Provides access to any friend lists the user created. All user's friends are provided as part of basic data, this extended permission grants access to the lists of friends a user has created, and should only be requested if your application utilizes lists of friends.
    isgabew, Feb 17, 2012 IP
  2. DogDice

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    No, since there has been a huge amount of abuse of messaging, Facebook decided to not allow apps to send messages.

    Instead, ask the Persons friends to also use Your application and then use an intern messaging system or simply use Notifications!
    DogDice, Jun 18, 2012 IP