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Is this a Reverse-SEO problem?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by eGrizzly, Apr 26, 2018.


Is reverse-SEO/SEO the solution

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    So a friend of mine got a bit unlucky and got into some trouble with the law landing him in prison. Long story short - Anytime he meets somebody new and they search for him on Google to locate his LinkedIn page the search results reveal the newspaper articles where he was arrested by the police. This has been going on now for the past 6 years.

    I believe some of these newspaper sites are getting crawled and the information about his unfortunate criminal past is getting replicated all over google even though that it's now static of course and no new original information is being written about him.
    The following are true:
    - those sites reporting the bad criminal information are washingtonpost.com, ice.gov, and rapsheets.org
    - the sites are all very old (1995 was creation date for washingtonpost.com, 1994 for ice.gov, and 2017 for rapsheets.org)
    - the sites have about a 6% density of his name per all words on the individual websites
    - those sites are frequently updated with new information about other offending criminals.

    So from my observations it seems as though his criminal past is staying on the first page of google due to the strong SEO posture of the three websites I mentioned.

    Would the solution to removing his criminal past from the first page not be for "reverse-seo" where he requests his name be taken down from the Washingtonpost.com site while purposely blogging new information regularly to other aged domains?

    As I'm still a rookie in the SEO space these are just my initial opinions as to the solution. For those of you experienced guys please feel free to add your own expert opinion.
    eGrizzly, Apr 26, 2018 IP