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Is the old Adsense Code Breaking the TOS? Adsense says YES.

Discussion in 'AdSense' started by Iagovar, Dec 10, 2012.

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    Hi guys, Im trying to build a Wordpress site sharing the Adsense revenues with the authors. They are creating a lot of content, that's why I show their Ads 90% of times just by placing their Pub-Id in the google_ad_client field. I am using the old code because it's impossible with the new one.

    In the new code of Adsense you also have the google_ad_slot, wich is linked to the publisher ID so you cannot just replace the first one. Searching by the internet I saw that many people was doing the same, but I was unable to find any warning about this or anyone using this method on 2012.

    Searching on the TOS what I understand is that modifying the code it's not allowed, but i'm not sure if the pub-ID replacement its a code modification. Anyway the only thing that someone is able to see inspecting my code is that there are different pub-ID's in each article.

    As you probably know there is an Adsense revenue program wich requires +100.000 page views / day, and my site it's just starting, even in a language where growing like that requires a huge effort.

    I'm asking this question here because in the Adsense forums I only got the same answer, allways from the same guy, asking me that it is not allowed with no explanation at all, and I found answers from past years where the interpretation was different.


    Iagovar, Dec 10, 2012 IP