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Is my wine marketing strategy correct?

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by Marketing Student, May 30, 2020.

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    Good morning.
    I am a marketing student and I am working on a marketing assignment for a australian wine company´s participation in an international trade fair. I have chosen the ProWein fair in Düsseldorf, Germany, which seems to be the best ranked in the world.
    My marketing strategy is divided in two action plans: one in the headquarters of the company (Melbourne) and one directly at the fair.
    Action Plan 1:
    3 teams will be created for this project: International department, marketing, finance
    International department will perform and control the overseas operations, such as the logistics of the transportation of POP materials and warehouse products, accommodation and plane tickets
    The Marketing department will create and plan the fair programmes, Prepare Networking plan, Create product demonstrations, Order uniforms, Order brochures and flyers, Order advertising inside tower, and Order advertising sign at the entrance hall.
    The finance department will do costs and budget control, together with the team from the fair Design the stand space and construction depending the budget, register the company for the event, set up the budget.
    Action plan 2:
    During the show there are several teams of staff for teh following activities:
    Stand: The stand is the place where the company TWE will provide eye-catching features
    Champagne lounge: Distribution and constant inventory of product
    Tasting area: in this area the distribution of samples will happen.
    ProWein Forum: three conferences daily. They will be fulfilled by the CEO
    Restaurant: we have partner with a local Restaurant to offer a special
    I will trully appretiaite your feedback on my marketing strategy
    Thanks in advance
    Marketing Student, May 30, 2020 IP
  2. Emily Gabaldon

    Emily Gabaldon Peon

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    Hi there,
    I am glad that I can help you out. I´ve been living in Düsseldorf for over 5 years where I got my master in marketing and for the last 2 years I have assisted to the ProWein fair.
    Your marketing strategy is ok for a regular fair. Nevertheless, ProWein is a totally different kind of fair. It´s not for nothing they are ranked as the best international wine fair in the world. Just to five you an example,at their bar, cocktail classics are being turned upside down! Some of the most creative bartenders in Germany will be serving innovative versions of their favourite drinks. They give elegant variations and, on the other hand, unusual interpretations that primarily conceptually relate to the original recipe. They also have different events for wine and beer craft schooling.
    If you want to stand out, you have to come up with ideas to enchant your guests with greater effects through simple means, otherwise you will only be one more of the rest.
    Viele Grüße von Düsseldorf
    Emily Gabaldon, May 30, 2020 IP
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  3. jrbiz

    jrbiz Acclaimed Member

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    I do not see any mention of the booth or stand that you will be using at the fair. Does the company have one, or will they need to acquire/build one? If they have one, will it need to be updated or modified to suit the fair's needs?

    I also do not see much in the way of promotional plans before, during, and after the fair. E.g., how will you get your clients/prospects to attend the show and stop by your stand? You need to start promoting months before the fair, of course. Once the show is underway, what promotional activities will you use to draw in other attendees that you were not able to contact in advance? Once the show is over, who will follow up with prospects and what will they use for such follow up?
    jrbiz, May 30, 2020 IP
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  4. alfredo2516

    alfredo2516 Peon

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    Hello, I have experience in marketing medico and fair, for which you can give a good recommendation, it is that they treat you a lot in advertising before, during and after, this so that you can create a great expectation of the event that you have to do, as well as I highly recommend that you focus a lot on the subject of ad copy.
    alfredo2516, Jul 11, 2020 IP
  5. wildogre

    wildogre Well-Known Member

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    Do include that you would be providing in various events.
    wildogre, Jul 12, 2020 IP