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Is low competition and high search volume keyword is just a illusion or reality?

Discussion in 'Keywords' started by sunilchand1234, May 3, 2019.

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    Hello Webmaster!! Hope you all are super fine!! From Last two months , i am contemplating of starting a new blog on home Improvement or health and Fitness category! When i searched google for ideas on how to start a blog then thousands of results popped up and almost everyone suggesting me to find a keyword which has "High search volume" and "Low" competition so that it can rank fast. I obeyed almost all of them, But when i started keyword researched on various keywords of home improvement and health & fitness niches keyword on Google keyword planner and some other tools on internet then i found none of those keyword which has zero competition and high search volume!! It will be great help for me if you help me out to give answer of following doubts.

    1:Is there any way of finding keywords which has low competition and high search volume and high CPC for earning purpose?

    2: Can i take risk of working on high competitive keywords will it be worth of my time ? Will they rank for subdomain of blogspot or wordpress

    3:Which is category more beneficial in terms of earning money from blog? Health or fitness or Home improvement.

    4: Is Micro Niche blogging better than niche blogging? and require less work for ranking purpose

    A Digital Enthusiastic
    sunilchand1234, May 3, 2019 IP
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    You will never find a magic keyword having zero competition and high search volume. You always have to make a compromise. Use a keyword having competition either low or medium with high search results. Moreover, if you find more than 1 keywords with the same statistics, compare them on google trend, and select the better one.

    If you want rank better, it is not just about the keywords, work on on-page and off page SEO if you are posting on your own site.
    MJ Web Services, May 17, 2019 at 1:17 PM IP