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Is it wise to get a domain name with keywords that shows ads in Google?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by CuriousE, May 15, 2017.

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    Is it wise to get a domain name with keywords that shows ads in Google?

    So let me make an example.

    I currently have a 5-year old website on new computers and it's called CuriousE Computers at CuriousEComputers.com. However, I found the domain newcomputers.com is available so I'm thinking of getting it and changing my site name to New Computers and URL to newcomputers.com. Afterall, those are the two keywords I target so I want new people searching those things to come to my site. And I will be doing 301 redirect to the new site so old visitors can come to the new site.

    The thing is, if I change my site name, then if people type in my site name "New Computers" in Google, by the looks of it, they will get ads and sponsored block first.

    Is it wise for me to change my site name and URL to newcomputers.com? Also, could my site somehow be able to bump up number one before the ads and sponsored section?

    Thanks to everyone in in advance for any insights.
    CuriousE, May 15, 2017 IP
  2. Scriptechweb

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    Those ADs are sponsored Ads that you can add through Google Adword. You can't rank top of the AD. You need to pay according to the bidding strategy of the keyword and place your AD through Google Adword on the targeted keywords.
    Scriptechweb, May 15, 2017 IP