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Is It Possible To Lose CJ Affiliate Sales To Popups?

Discussion in 'Commission Junction' started by jonas, Mar 11, 2013.

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    I heard that it is very easy for malicious software to steal cj affiliate sales. For example, someone clicks on your affiliate link to cj and a popup comes on their computer saying click here for a coupon to save x% on that product. If the person clicks on that link instead, you lose the sale.

    Has anyone heard of this? I recently had an affiliate program that the company was handling themselves transfer over to CJ. Since moving the program to CJ my affiliate sales have fallen 80%. I've spoked to my affiliate manager, as well as their contact at CJ and they all claim that everything is tracking correctly. But after 4 years of nice commissions to see it fall by 80% I know something is wrong.

    Just wondering if anyone else has seen or heard of something like this with CJ?
    jonas, Mar 11, 2013 IP
  2. kemasii

    kemasii Active Member

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    cj is weird if your affiliate was using there own method and tracking system thay may have changed since moving to cj. but if what your saying about the popups is that your link is on a webpage and then a pop up appears with a link, and they click the popup then yes that would be a lost click. If its not your popup stop it you will loose that comision
    kemasii, Mar 11, 2013 IP
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  3. xInd

    xInd Notable Member

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    It's always possible to lose sales to popups. Some people/software block them and once in a while you run into people that just close them even if it would have interested them cause they hate popups due to attempting to work hard online in the late 1990's.
    xInd, Mar 28, 2013 IP