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Is it possible to get top positions without link-building?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by Amigo9876, Sep 28, 2018.

  1. degreubiwa

    degreubiwa Banned

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    SEO is dead and no longer a reliable thing to do for earning serious money. Better work as a Sweeper or Peon in Restaurant or construction company before robots takes over in 4-6 years.
    Chat-Support is no longer a career option either with Artificial Intelligence taking over. Over 2 lack people got fired from BPO-chat Support in Indiain last 2 years.
    degreubiwa, Feb 17, 2019 IP
  2. Manish.ebiztrait

    Manish.ebiztrait Active Member

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    As per the current SEO trend, you can easily get the top position of your website on various search engines without link building; You just need to do the following activity in SEO:

    • Create a mobile-friendly website (Use AMP version if possible)
    • Make your website responsive.
    • Improve website loading speed.
    • Create SEO friendly URLs (Avoid special symbols like %, ?, &, etc.)
    • Maintain proper length of Title and Meta tags
    • Target High Search Volume Keywords in Title and Meta tags.
    • Follow proper heading structure(H1, H2, H3…H6)
    • Use fresh content on the website.
    • Set proper keyword density in your content.
    • Set appropriate internal or external linking on the website.
    • Set appropriate value on image ALT tags.
    • Take advantage of Schema markup
    • Do effective promotion on various social media platform like facebook, twitter, youtube, etc.
    • Take advantage of various social exchange networks.
    • Do effective ORM(online reputation management) of your brand/business and improve your online presence.
    • Do effective bulk mailing
    • Do effective SEM(Search Engine Marketing)
    • Take advange of Adword and PPC
    • Take advantage of paid social media marketing
    Manish.ebiztrait, Apr 12, 2019 IP