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Is it effective is to support local sports team for your business?

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by Answer27, Jun 16, 2020.

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    Hello everyone,
    My plan is to get sponsorship for my amateur sports team.
    I'm thinking to find some good beneficial marketing points for potential sponsors before reaching them out.

    Here's what sponsor-company would get:
    @web * brand name appears in these page sections (in some of them many times):
    - standings; - Playoffs bracket; - Schedule ; - Results; - Team; - Players; - Statistics
    * after each game, we get a newsfeed new alike "Team A upsets Team B in the opening season game" (There will be 16 to 24 mentions depending on how far the team is gonna go during the championship.)
    * League lasts 6 months and all the information stays on the web until the new season starts, then it goes to Archives.
    * One no-follow hyperlink for your business website in the "Team" tab
    @facebook page 2-3k followers (every game picture is posted on the Facebook page)
    @live ATTENTION - there are always from 3 to 40 fans attending the event, including both team squads, referees, secretariat, photographer, the administration there could be at least 33 to 70 people on every event.

    I want to find out:
    - Marketing wise is it even effective to support a local sports league team?
    - What are the indicators whether it's YES/NO?
    - I believe it can be good for SEO, but how to measure it?
    - Do you see any valuable marketing based angles to speak with sponsors about the benefits of advertising in the local sports league?
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    Answer27, Jun 16, 2020 IP
  2. jrbiz

    jrbiz Acclaimed Member

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    I have been both a parent with kids on sports teams and the owner of a small business that sponsored sports teams (all in the U.S.) Why did I have my company sponsor a sports team? Answer: my kid was on the team. My company had no reason to spend marketing money on a sponsorship, but I did it to support my son's team. When I was doing it, I met several other parents with businesses that had done the same thing. So, I would look to those folks first.

    Mostly, a business is buying goodwill, otherwise. I have seen local restaurants, jewelry stores, hardware shops, plumbing companies, etc., all sponsoring to build such goodwill with the parents of the kids on the teams as they are the primary audience for any such sponsor promotions. Very small audience and very local, so it only local businesses that would consider sponsoring a team, imo.

    BTW, one of my voluntary sponsorship activities was to fund and host an end of season pool party/barbeque party for my son's soccer team. That was above and beyond the season-long sponsorship fee I paid that bought them uniforms and paid certain other fees. I did not have to do the pool party/barbeque (most teams did not have one) but I did it to make for a better experience for my son and his friends. I am emphasizing this aspect of sponsorship to help you understand where it might be best to spend your time on this search.

    Edit: I just realized that I may have misread your post. Your teams may be adults, not kids. If that is the case, then the actual teammates would be the best place to look for those business owners who might be willing to sponsor the team. Just change "Parents" to "Team Members/Spouses" to seek out loyal sponsors.
    jrbiz, Jun 17, 2020 IP
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  3. IAmTheAnswer

    IAmTheAnswer Greenhorn

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    What kind of business do you have? I guess it's okay to do this if your business is more focused on local market.
    IAmTheAnswer, Jun 21, 2020 IP
  4. sarahk

    sarahk iTamer Staff

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    1. I agree with the "goodwill" aspect. It needs to be a brand that a reasonable number of people are familiar with, and that most will already be buying the product.
      ie They go to restaurants, just not that restaurant. They drink beer, just not that beer. They buy petrol, just not from that petrol station
    2. It's going to be really hard to get KPIs and it depends on how the sponsor measures their business and whether or not the increase will be from the team or if they're hoping to attract their supporters too (amateur, but how amateur?)
      Do they count the number of times a team discount card is used?
      Do they have good records of sales figures last year to compare with this year?
      Is the sponsorship the only thing that's changed?
      There's a pandemic going on, are local businesses financially stable enough to be sponsoring teams?
    3. I doubt it'll be good for SEO unless the sponsor is a sportwear shop or something like that.
    4. I'd need to know more about the team, the number of people who watch each game, the importance of the team to the local community.
      I'm in NZ - an amateur rugby team is going to have more clout in the community than an underwater hockey team or a soccer team. If I was in Morocco the soccer team would have more clout than the rugby team.
      If that team is in a town or small city it'll have more clout than the same team in a bigger city.
      Culturally, in NZ, it's "nice" that adults keep playing sport and we're interested in how our friends are getting on. In other countries, the whole town will get behind a team and players are held in high regard.
      If a prominent person is associated with the team (player, parent, coach) then sponsoring the team will be more impressive.
      You'll know where the team stands in Lithuania.
    sarahk, Jun 21, 2020 IP