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Is it a good idea to put the telephone number in the meta description?

Discussion in 'HTML & Website Design' started by Puntocom81, Aug 19, 2016.

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    I wonder if it's a good idea to put the telephone number in the meta description for the website of a physical shop. I see it useful and good for usability, but maybe it makes the entry to look as an ad in the SERPs.
    What do you think? have you used this technique with success?
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    Puntocom81, Aug 19, 2016 IP
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    Why? What do you think is ACTUALLY going to use it?!?

    Generally speaking 90%+ of the crap people put into meta serves ZERO legitimate purpose... author, generator, all of the opengraph crap apart from og:image, etc, etc... It's just code-bloat pipe-dream bullshit. Not ONE legitimate user-agent will do ANYTHING with it.

    There are these days only around five or six legitimate meta -- charset, viewport, description, keywords, og:image, and MAYBE robots...

    ... and even robots most people **** up since you should only have it if you want it blocked, as there is NO SUCH THING as "follow" or "index"... you want it followed or indexed leave it EMPTY or out completely.

    You want search to REALLY see something, put it in the huffing CONTENT... anything else is typically hoodoo-voodoo bull of some scam artist trying to blow smoke up your arse.
    deathshadow, Aug 19, 2016 IP
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