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Is Google Adsense Allowed on Self Hosted Overall Pages

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by LindseyInteractive, Feb 24, 2024.

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    So, I have been using the Ultimate Video Player for Wordpress for my video content on my website and it has the ability to use a variety of ways (vast, html, etc) for Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll, On Pause Advertisements, etc.

    So, I have created an html page with my Google Adsense banner, and added it to the pre-roll, so when a user selects a video to start playing, they have the Pre-Roll of the HTML page with the Google Adsense on there and they can skip it after 5 seconds, this is in an overlay format.

    Is this allow via standards since the user selected the video, or is that considered a pop up?

    Also if a user PAUSES the video in the middle of it, the pop up ad banner will come up while paused, but has an X to click off it it and everything.

    Here is a link to the example:


    If you go here, you will see that before you can watch the video, you have a pre-roll ad which can be skipped after 5 seconds, it is pulled from this page (https://www.indiespark.tv/preroll.html)

    Also, if you click PAUSE on the video, it will have a POP UP pause Ad, which is pulled from this page: (https://www.indiespark.tv/ads.html)

    I'm trying to figure out if these are in compliance or not with Google Adsense Policies or if I need to change them or do them a different way or try to incorporate ads in a completely different way.
    LindseyInteractive, Feb 24, 2024 IP
  2. ross9

    ross9 Peon

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    According to Google AdSense, any ad implementation that interrupts or alters the user experience in a way that could be considered intrusive, such as pop-ups or unexpected ads, might not comply with their guidelines. The key is whether these ads significantly disrupt the user experience or deceive users into clicking on them. It's advisable to review the Google AdSense program policies, especially those regarding ad placement and user experience. If in doubt, consider reaching out to Google AdSense support directly for clarification. It's always better to be proactive in ensuring compliance rather than risking potential penalties or account suspension.
    ross9, Mar 1, 2024 IP
  3. phoenixtropicals

    phoenixtropicals AdsP2p.net Peer To Peer Web Advertising Premium Member

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    "Tricking" people into clicking ads doesn't not actually increase your revenue. The reason being that Google tracks your traffic and your clicks. If it looks like you are getting too many clicks for the amount of traffic you have then they reduce the Cost Per Click they pay to you. You can have the same effect by putting too many ads on your page. I have found it best to put 3 ads per page max, header, body, footer. Don't do popups and other methods to get more clicks because it doesn't work and could possibly get you banned.
    phoenixtropicals, Mar 17, 2024 IP