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Is facebook marketplace failing again or it's just for my account?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by AutoCEO, Dec 4, 2019.

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    It's pointless (they usually never respond) to report a problem on facebook, so I better ask here... and no, I never spammed on facebook, I barely even use the marketplace.
    For the last two days (previously was all good), when I search anything on facebook marketplace, I get only a few results or no results at all if I choose to show results by newest (If I choose to show recommended, I get a lot of results but mostly all are old). Today found an item that I am interested in buying and can't even contact the seller, get an error saying that this seller can't be contacted at the moment or something like that... even tried to message a random another seller and the same message pops... however, I can contact sellers if they have an item posted in a group that I am a member (tried that also).

    Anyone else have problems with the facebook marketplace recently? can you message sellers or search marketplace normally if you choose to show results by newest?
    AutoCEO, Dec 4, 2019 IP