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Is Comment Luv Plug in still useful?

Discussion in 'WordPress' started by allout, Feb 4, 2019.

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    I have returned to blogging after a few years. One of my old favorite plug ins was Comment Luv. How many of you still use it and is it still useful?

    Also, are there other must have plugins for a Word Press blog?
    allout, Feb 4, 2019 IP
  2. Lazylord

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    CommentLuv used to be a popular plugin for getting backlinks with keywords back in the day. But now its popularity, as well as use, has dropped.

    Why? I guess because many WordPress site owners have clamped down on spam comments made with the sole intention of getting a backlink. You can notice that today, many websites have removed the website field completely from their comment form while few have shut off blog comments altogether.

    Also, there is an SEO angle to it as well. A page with hundreds of comments with links@keyword will be looked down upon Google for generating inorganic links and can be penalized. Personally, I would not recommend using CommentLuv, but that's a personal choice.
    Lazylord, Jun 16, 2019 IP