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Irrelevant & PBN backlinks.

Discussion in 'Link Development' started by dscurlock, Jun 7, 2017.

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    I have this SEO guy that claims he can rank sites...
    bla, bla,bla, every SEO guy now is claiming they can
    do SEO, all of them claim you will not be penalized, etc, etc...

    However, all this guy seems to provide is low quality, high DA,
    diversity / irrelevant and PBN backlinks....

    according to some case studies I have seen, high DA irrelevant
    backlinks are meaning less if they do not have relevance, for instance,
    if you have a cat site, and you get a backlink from a high DA auto
    site, then it would not have much of an impact because it is not relevant...
    on top of that, he gives me irrelevant PBN links...

    Over that last 1.5 months, I have seen nothing that would
    impress me that keywords are moving up the ranks, even
    though he seems to be claiming credit for what would appear
    to be natural keyword ranking, however, none of that
    matters if those keywords are not moving up the chain....

    What do you guys think?
    dscurlock, Jun 7, 2017 IP
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  2. Jennifer Frost

    Jennifer Frost Well-Known Member

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    Hahaha the same problem is here as well. When ever i create a thread for buying SEO back-links and in my PM most bloggers send me low quality PBN's or you can say drop domains. Only few persons who know the quality right now send high quality publication websites for back-links. I mostly spam them for sending low quality and when the sites does not match my requirements. Some even send whole list which do not include in our requirement. It like i am going to buy a soap and the shopkeeper give me soap and shampoo as well, I didn't ask for shampoo.
    Jennifer Frost, Jun 7, 2017 IP
  3. BaskingRock

    BaskingRock Greenhorn

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    Low quality and irrelevant backlinks are a warning sign. I would not plan on a long term strategy using links like that. They are bound to be picked up by Google. From the sounds of it, it seems that Google is deeming these to be irrelevant to your ranking as well. The best PBNs I have seen nowadays are ones that could be deemed legitimate sites, as in you would never know they are made for a PBN. This is not a strategy I would invest a lot of time in and would keep it at a small percentage of your backlink portfolio.
    BaskingRock, Jun 7, 2017 IP
  4. dscurlock

    dscurlock Prominent Member

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    apparently I have my suspisions, and thats why I am asking to make sure...
    I thought from the start that his SEO strategy looked somewhat shady....
    The other day, he gave me some crap non-english sites, and said since
    they had high DA, then it would be fine, and obviously I have not been
    happy since he started, so I will certainly discontinue his service, and
    see if I can find someone that actually does white-hat SEO...

    maybe it is not too late....
    may even disavow some of this shit looking backlinks....

    dscurlock, Jun 7, 2017 IP
  5. macroman25

    macroman25 Peon

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    if you creating pbn article - you need to combine OLD and your own topic inside article with your link. Also, you need to use brand as anchor text if you posting on low da sites.
    macroman25, Aug 1, 2017 IP