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Selling iPhone Site - 10k monthly - adsense $35 per month - 90% organic traffic

Discussion in 'Sites' started by m2webs, Nov 4, 2011.

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    Hi there,

    I am selling this website with stable traffic and incomes. It is monetized only with adsense because I am not so good in monetizing sites and that is not my job to do but I suppose it can be monetized much better if in right hands.

    General info:
    - Static website with around 10 pages of unique content
    - Almost 90% of traffic is organic, 80% from google
    - Top positions for some nice traffic keywords
    - Stable income of around $35 per month
    - 10.000 monthly unique visits

    Top positions on google for keywords (with exact searches per month):
    #2 iphone 3g vs 3gs (9900) - 1st position is apple website
    #3 3g vs 3gs (2400)
    #1 overclock iphone 3g (1600)
    #4 reset iphone 3g (2400)

    and a lot of secondary keywords...

    Links to website:
    A lot of links pointing to website. Not just to homepage but to all the inner pages. It has nice number of quality links. Not any link for that website is rented on some period - all the links are permanent. In majority links are from paid blog posts (from tech, phone, and iphone blogs - not general ones). There are links only from good article directories, website directories, some social bookmarking sites and other things. Not anything massive and spammy is done. A wide range of different links. For example a link from ehow.

    It is good to mention that 2 blog themes are sponsored for this website. I will show you links if you want. That are themes free to download and use with a link in footer pointing to website. As it is done recently (around month ago) you can be sure that more links will come by time as people download that themes. Already a couple of that kind of links are visible.

    In past 3 months it has a stable earnings of around 26 euros per month (around $35 right now)...

    August - 26.90 EUR ($37)
    September - 24.92 EUR ($34)
    October - 27.69 EUR ($38)
    November (1st to 4th) - 9.19 EUR ($13)
    Conversion rate EUR to dollar is taken from today (4th november). Take into consideration that because of some crisis last couple of days with european finances so EUR went down a lot. So, in a period when that earnings are made it was around $40 per month.

    Let be honest. By time searches for "3g" will slow fall down. But not that fast. I suppose you will have stable income for sure in next 3 years. For example, in some lower standard countries 3g network is not yet fully operational and when that happens iphone 3g becomes more popular. Also, you can expect nice earnings when some big news from iphone comes. For example when steve jobs died and iphone 4s was released I have couple of days more than 700 visits per day (not much affected in earnings but nice traffic was made).

    some other good opportunities are high positions for some other keywords like "iphone 3g themes" "3g technology"... Almost all the pages on website are keyword friendly targeting popular phrases.

    Proof images:
    trafficsources.JPG adsenseaug.JPG adsenseoct.JPG adsensesept.JPG googlevisits.JPG

    honestly, I am not sure for what price to sell this website. It makes me some stable incomes. So, you can start bidding and I will decide after 3 days if to sell to a highest bid. I set reserve price of $350 but I will maybe even sell it for lower price. I will think about that when bidding time ends :) Of course for $450 I will sell it immediately :)

    For any questions you can PM me, happy bidding :)
    m2webs, Nov 4, 2011 IP
  2. extremephp

    extremephp Peon

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    100% - 2
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    100% - 0
    Looks great. I am intrested. Well, I am not leaving a bid, but keep me updated with the last price you get. I would also like to see todays Google analytics stats. :)
    extremephp, Nov 5, 2011 IP
  3. m2webs

    m2webs Active Member

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    100% - 1
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    80.0% - 8

    Highest offer I got till now is $250 on private message. Also, as you wanted, adding yesterdays google analytics stats... Cant do todays, it is not finished day :)

    272 visits, 88% from search engines
    m2webs, Nov 5, 2011 IP
  4. dud

    dud Well-Known Member

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    still for sale?
    dud, Sep 20, 2014 IP