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iPhone SE God's review!

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by scurvy, Nov 24, 2016.

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    So I have spent a fair amount of time with this little device and must say I am very very
    impressed. I had iOS 9.3 before and after a tough battle (mainly cos iOS insists on WIFI
    to update iOS through the phone) I finally managed to get into iOS 10.1.1.

    With 9.3 it was smooth sailing, fast and slick- with 10.1.1 I get the occasional hiccup.
    Things lag sometimes and my impatience does not help.

    The phone itself is a masterpiece. Perfect size to fit in my hand and with maximum
    portability. No need for a backpack to carry it in unlike most Android bricks.

    Performance is stellar as expected from Apple. All games load and run with zero problems,
    crashes or slow framerates.

    Display is perfect without being exceptional. Perfectly adequate for a phone. 2k or 4k is
    utterly stupid for a phone I say. Even 1080p is too much IMO and can only be fully
    appreciated with a large screen TV.
    I haven't had much time to take photos with the main camera but the front selfie cam is
    similar to the iPhone 5s- capable but fall apart in low light.
    I plan to take some slow mo shots and 4k videos soon- main reason I bought the 64GB
    version. Will upload them soon and put up links here.

    The Audio quality is, I must say, utterly incredible. Even more so than the 5s I had
    previously. Especially with high quality headphones like the Velodyne vPulse that I use,
    the bass and the dynamics are breathtaking. Even though I do not have the 5s with me to do
    a direct comparison- if memory serves me right the sound is a definite improvement.
    One listen to your favourtite tunes on this you will instantly forgive its other

    So to sum up this is the BEST small factor phone you can buy right now. So much power and
    finesse in the palm of your hand is utterly stupendous. If you hate huge bulky bricks that
    require a handbag to carry in, this is your No. 1 option. Plus add to this the ease and
    quality of iOS and App Store and apps that are exclusive to Apple, this is a no brainer.
    scurvy, Nov 24, 2016 IP
  2. Federick

    Federick Member

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    Yes, Good review all given!
    You seem to be happy with everything about it.
    If I may ask, if you had the opportunity, what would you improve on the device?
    Federick, Nov 24, 2016 IP
  3. scurvy

    scurvy Well-Known Member

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    Phone itself? Selfie camera needs improving. That's about it. Even battery life is outstanding.

    Battery life was a total surprise for me- even though I read reviews how it was superior to almost anything else out there. Due to the small screen and lower resolution and optimizations of iOS and the hardware-software marriage of perfection, this phone will easily last the whole day and then some even with high usage- games, music, web etc. Could it get any better?

    iOS- I would like the 100MB cellular download limit removed from App store.
    iOS updates require WIFI is stupid.
    scurvy, Nov 24, 2016 IP