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Invision Power Board & Wordpress Integration

Discussion in 'Scripts' started by EJRaven, Dec 27, 2007.

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    InvisionBridge is a Wordpress, Joomla and Invision Power Board integration script that allows member database, user group management, theme and cross-post integration.

    InvisionBridge products:

    WP-IPB Bridge is a Wordpress plug-in that is easy to install, simple to use, with a powerful user database integration and packed with the right tools needed to help you manage your members, user groups and most importantly, your content.

    Member Database

    IPB and Wordpress user database are completely integrated, allowing your members to login to either one of the two systems using one single login and password. User management is successful and easily managed using IPB's advanced user management tools, editing a password on your Wordpress CP changes your password on your IPB account. Registration is handled by IPB.

    User Group Management

    Use your Wordpress WP-IPB Bridge CP to change any of your IPB groups into a Wordpress author, editor, contributor or subscriber permission, Wordpress and IPB group permission management is handled with a click of a button.

    Theme Integration

    WP-IPB Bridge's one click theme integration inserts your Wordpress theme's header and footer into your IPB's skin's header and footer making your forum look and feel completely integrated into your blog. An optional feature for the advanced members allows you to manually edit the insertion code to better match your theme and skin integration. Please visit our forums for a simple example of this feature.

    Cross-post Integration

    Select an IPB forum from which cross-post your posts, allowing you to easily update your blog by posting a thread on your forums, or updating your forum by posting on your blog.

    Comments are also cross-posted in this same way, giving you the option to choose which system to handle your member's comments and replies. An WP-IPB Bridge CP option allows you to toggle where you want your members to discuss your post or thread, Wordpress's comments or by posting a reply on your IPB thread, or both cross-posting all comments.

    This plugin is currently in local Beta testing and will soon be released to the general public in 2 versions.

    Free, user database integration only.
    Paid, user database integration, member group management, cross-comment and cross-post ability, skin integration, and advanced user management tools.

    Price is set at $30.

    Wordpress MU version and Joomla-IPB Bridge: coming soon!

    Please register at our forums, we will inform you via email as soon as this script is ready for you to download or purchase.
    EJRaven, Dec 27, 2007 IP
  2. mju

    mju Guest

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    Anyone know where this has got to?? Cheers. I'm willing to pay but never seen this in the flesh
    mju, Jan 23, 2008 IP
  3. ohcysp

    ohcysp Active Member

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    Is there some alternative because the site is unavailable?
    ohcysp, May 25, 2009 IP
  4. s3thapl

    s3thapl Peon

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    Here is a link,uploaded by me
    No spam,no virus
    It's real...
    Code (markup):
    s3thapl, Jul 29, 2009 IP