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Invest $80.00 & Earn $100.00/Day Everyday For 40+ Days ($4000+ Profit).

Discussion in 'Services' started by Bagtjesen, Jan 14, 2013.

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    I have a WarRoom member account over at WarriorForum.com forum and I am gonna RE-SELL 250,000 forum-threads' "signature field" backlinks (permanent) on 1000+ different Class A IPs.

    I will buy the 250K backlinks from a Phillipino SEO team at $39.99 and RE-SELL at WarriorForum at $79.99 so I will have $40.00 profits per buyer and we can easily get 5+ buyers everyday, so we can make a profit of $200+ everyday.
    This project will end in 40+ days and by then we will have earned $200/2 = $100/day everyday for 40 days = $4000.00.


    1. I will post the WSO from my WarroMember account,
    2. You will pay $40 + $40 for two consecutive days' "bumps" (you won't have to pay me directly, you can pay the BUMP by TeamViewer).

    I am looking for a business partner because I do not have any money left as there was almost no sales in December as I do SEO and I hope that from January the market at WarriorForum will rise.

    If you are interested on the above then pleaze contact me over to my Skype at : david4weaver
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    Bagtjesen, Jan 14, 2013 IP
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